Wackadoodle Washington Examiner Magically Turns 8-Point Obama Poll Lead Into 8-Point Deficit


    Look, it’s not exactly news that the Washington Examiner is a piece of far-right-wing, conspiracy-mongering, science-denying, clean-energy-bashing trash. No wonder why they give it away for free; nobody sane, other than a few on the radical right, would ever pay real money for it. Except, of course, for its owner, Philip Anschutz, a multi-billionaire (much of it from – shocker – fossil fuels, helping to explain his paper’s constant clean energy bashing and loony-tunes climate science denial) who among other things helps funds campaigns against same-sex marriage, single parenting (not kidding here), pornography (would it be fair to say the guy’s obsessed with sex or what?). Anschutz also has given huge amounts of money to right-wing politicians, including Tom Tancredo and Rick Santorum, George W. Bush, and of course Willard “Mitt” Romney. That’s the guy who owns the Washington Examiner and directs its editorial line, which can be characterized in one word: NUTS!

    Having said all that, usually the news section of the Washington Examiner is relatively sane and accurate. But not today, when in both the online AND print editions (I checked), they claim that the latest PPP poll has Barack Obama trailing Willard by 8 points in Virginia. Of course, that’s exactly backwards. In fact, according to PPP:

    Barack Obama continues to look like the favorite to win Virginia this fall. He has a 51-43 lead over Mitt Romney in the state. We have consistently found Obama leading in Virginia by margins similar to his 6 point victory there in 2008- he led Romney by 6 in December, 4 in July, 11 in May (right after the killing of Osama bin Laden), and 6 last March.

    Perhaps this was just an honest mistake by this right-wingnut newspaper, and we should trust them? Well, it’s now 9:50 am, all the paper copies are distributed with the error in them, and the online version STILL hasn’t been corrected. So, let’s all hold our breaths for the prominent correction both online and in tomorrow’s print edition. On second thought, maybe not.


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