Crazy Cain Keynotes the 2nd District Convention


    Someone should trademark the name because it could be the next Baby Ruth or Old Henry. Imagine nostalgic holidays with Crazy Canes decorating the tree. You can witness the inspiration on 12 May in Hampton Roads when the Hermanator graces the Republican 2nd District Convention.

    Hard to say if the Southside Republicans drew a short or long straw among the 5 districts holding conventions that day. The conventions were called long before speakers could be lined up and announced as part of the calls even if it were appropriate. But what is it about Hampton Roads that the loonier of the Party is perceived the greater draw? Michele Bachman speaks today in Portsmouth and again at the Regent University commencement this Saturday.

    Maybe the Mittster will visit Virginia Beach with Michele today for an audience with Pat Robertson in an attempt to get an evangelical base pass.  


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