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With 5 Days to Go in the Race for DNC Member, a “Deep Thought” on Efforts to Stop Ben Tribbett


There are just 4 days to go until the Democratic Party of Virginia holds its convention at George Mason University and, among other things, votes for Virginia’s delegates to members of the Democratic National Committee. One of the candidates, as you know, is Ben Tribbett, a long-time Democratic political activist and operative who is, arguably, best known for his unique and well-read Virginia politics blog, Not Larry Sabato. What always made NLS interesting (and yes, sometimes infuriating) was that it combined hard-core analysis of Virginia politics – among the best out there in terms of crunching the numbers and calling the races – with a big dose of pure entertainment (“gossip and scandal!” “Weenie of the Week!” stuff like that). Of course, in pursuing the “gossip and scandal” stuff, no doubt Ben ruffled some powerful feathers over the years, including at least one member of the Virginia Democratic “establishment” who is now pulling out all stops to prevent Ben from being elected to the DNC.

That leads to my (partly tongue-in-cheek) “deep thought” for the day, at least if you’re a big Star Trek geek like myself. So, in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” you know how the “Borg” are a nearly-indestructible, ruthless group of “cybernetically-enhanced humanoid drones of multiple species, organized as an interconnected collective, the decisions of which are made by a hive mind,” and whose goal is “to achieve ‘perfection’ by adding the biological and technological distinctiveness of other species to [their] own?” You also recall how the Borg would leave you alone if they didn’t see you as a threat  – or of any interest – to them, but if they did come to see you as a threat, they’d attack you with everything they’ve got and blow you to kingdom come? Well, my deep thought is that this could very well be what’s happening here in Virginia, metaphorically speaking, in that the DPVA equivalent of the Borg has now identified Ben Tribbett’s candidacy as a real threat (to them, that is), one that could come away with a victory next Saturday, and therefore something that must be utterly crushed before that happens.

But why, you ask, don’t the DPVA “Borg” just assimilate Ben? Because, clearly, they don’t believe that this is possible, that Ben would ever be a compliant “species,” let alone one that would ever tolerate being assimilated into the DPVA “hive mind.” Personally, I see that all as a good thing, and as a strong reason to vote for Ben on Saturday, as I believe the DPVA “collective” is badly in need of serious “biological diversity,” not to mention a major shakeup, reform, etc. (recall that the DPVA “hive mind,” in its infinite wisdom, overwhelmingly elected Brian Moran as its chair – ’nuff said). But to each his own – the Borg or Ben, you decide. 🙂

  • glennbear

    The DPVA does NOT need the “hive mentality” since it is precisely that attitude that has caused the GOP to morph into the abomination it has become. DPVA does not need to become a homgenous ideological monster absent of individualism.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    What a neat analogy and, unfortunately, right on target. I agree that the reaction to Ben’s being a candidate for DNC just shows how important it is that new ideas and new people gain influence in the DPVA. I understand the fear of the Borg-like collective that now controls everything in Richmond. I suppose they fear a “virus” that will begin the end of the collective (I, Borg episode)…we can only hope. And, yes, I, too, am a Treki.

  • leedynamo

    I differ a little with Glennbear cause I don’t think ideology is the problem here. I think it is about self-interest & guarding the door to the ClubHouse.

    I think my views are well-known.  I have been so disgusted that I dropped.

    I see another opportunity in Ben’s candidacy.  Peter Rousselot’s candidacy for State Chair was another opportunity  Gerry Connolly and George Burke could not risk because they need a lot of Butlers and Horsemen to attend to their needs.

    Ben brings Fresh IDEAS, Specific Knowledge backed up by Hard Numbers,

    The Most Important thing tho:  Ben wants to WIN Elections ALL OVER THE STATE.

    Ben is not running to wipe the ass of ANY Single politician.  Naturally, this infuriates George Burke.

  • aznew

    The DPVA could use some shaking up, and strip away everything else, the main complaint about Ben does seem to be that he won’t fall in line.

  • fwdprogress

    For those like me that were skeptical (or in my case, HIGHLY skeptical) of Ben’s commitment to party-building over tabloid journalism, after meeting Ben last sunday I think he understands how he needs to nurture a more positive image as our DNC member and hence would be a good grassroots advocate in the role that will work toward more open-ness and accountability in DPVA.

    So, although he won’t become a Borg, he also can very humble (in-person mostly) and professional, which is important to building our community as opposed to getting blog hits.

    Jim McBride

    President, Network For Progress LLC & Generation Obama-DC

    former President, Arlington Young Democrats (2007 VAYD Club of the Year)

    former Vice Chair of Precinct Operations, Arlington Democrats

    former Volunteer Database Coordinator, Virginia for Obama (grassroots-led primary campaign)

    founder, Generation Webb

  • Peter Rousselot

    This particular hive (DPVA) needs new bees–and lots of them. This hive has a serious case of colony collapse. I’m supporting Ben Tribbett for DNC representative. DPVA needs new energy and a fresh perspective at the DNC, and Ben will provide both.