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    As both a proud UVA alumnus and a state legislator, I was shocked by the decision and am deeply concerned about the process by which President Sullivan was forced to resign. I am also concerned about the damage this decision has done to the UVA community and to the University’s reputation, as well as the loss of outstanding University faculty and major donors.

    I have worked with Delegate David Toscano (Charlottesville) to craft a letter from current members of the Virginia General Assembly who are also graduates of the University of Virginia calling on the Board of Visitors to reconsider their decision and reinstate President Sullivan.

    Additionally, I believe that Rector Dragas should immediately submit her resignation to the Governor. Regardless of whether she had good reason to pursue the actions she did-which seems increasingly unlikely- the only way for the University to move forward and recover from the disastrous way this was handled would be for her to step aside.

    The process by which President Sullivan was forced to resign was fundamentally flawed, dramatically at odds with the principles of the flagship University in the Commonwealth, and inconsistent with a transparent decision-making process required of a public University. I am encouraged by the recent announcement that the Board of Visitors has called a special meeting on Tuesday, and I am hopeful the Board will take swift action to reverse their prior decision.


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