Live Stream: UVA Board of Visitors Meeting [UPDATE: Board Unanimously Reinstates Pres. Sullivan]


    “There will be a special meeting of the Board of Visitors on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Rotunda, to discuss possible changes in the terms of employment of the President.”

    FYI, a good Twitter feed to follow is #UVA. Here’s an interesting tweet by Washington Post reporter Anita Kumar, for instance: “#UVA Rector Dragas called President Sullivan at 2 and offered to walk her to BOV meeting from Carr’s Hill.”

    UPDATE 3:05 pm: As the meeting is about to get underway, over 9,000 people are watching on the live stream.

    UPDATE 3:07 pm: ‏@UVA tweets: “#UVa Pres. Sullivan and Rector Dragas just entered Rotunda together, we are hearing from the Lower West Oval Rm”

    UPDATE 3:09 pm: @scontorno tweets: “Dragas: “The buck stops right here with us. What we do today will indeed be the final word on the subject.” #BOV #UVA”

    UPDATE 3:15 pm: @amasays tweets: “#Fralin: “The process was flawed.” #UVA” @UVA tweets: “Fralin: We can’t question integrity of those who supported decision to have Sullivan resign. #uva” @amasays tweets: “#Fralin: “No one knows what the vote would have been… I apologize to the University community that I did not think of this sooner.” #UVA”

    UPDATE 3:17 pm: Fralin offers resolution to reinstate Teresa Sullivan as President of UVA. It is seconded.

    UPDATE 3:19 pm: Dragas says UVA had a “near-death experience to get here.” References “a mob mentality,” “vitriolic” communications the board has been subject to. “The garden of my inbox also has a lot of fertilizer in it as well.” Dragas says she met with Sullivan and concluded it was time to bring UVA family back together. “We’ve always respected each other on a personal level.” “It is clear this board wants to come together.” “We look forward to working with President Sullivan…to rebuild a sense of mutual trust.” Therefore, “I support the resolution.”

    UPDATE 3:25 pm: Roll call vote. Dragas and the rest of the board unanimously (15-0) vote to reinstate President Sullivan. The board now moves to support Dragas and affirm her integrity. The board approves that resolution unanimously (again, 15-0). Can we say “one big happy family?” 😉

    UPDATE 3:30 pm: President Sullivan thanks board, asks for everyone’s support to “help us move forward together,” says she’s grateful to have “this renewed opportunity.” Says nothing should be swept under the rug, but that issues should be discussed candidly/frankly. ‏@cvillenewscom (Waldo Jaquith) tweets: “The crowd is thrilled. Cheering, I see people crying.”

    UPDATE 4:26 pm: Coy Barefoot/WINA has a podcast of the meeting.


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