Home Virginia Politics Sen. McEachin Blasts “bombastic pronouncements of Attorney General Cuccinelli”

Sen. McEachin Blasts “bombastic pronouncements of Attorney General Cuccinelli”


Senator McEachin Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Healthcare Act

Henrico Senator A. Donald McEachin (DHenrico) today released this statement on the Supreme Court Affordable Healthcare Act decision. “Today, the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Healthcare Act, thereby ensuring Americans’ deserved access to quality healthcare. This law means that Americans cannot be turned away when they are sick or injured because of income or a prior existing condition. In our perilous economy, this Act helps young people get access to health care by allowing them to stay on their parents’ insurance plans to age 26. Insurance companies no longer can arbitrarily cancel coverage or raise premiums. Importantly, for Americans’ health and well-being, preventive care, like mammograms will be free.

“Contrary to the bombastic pronouncements of Attorney General Cuccinelli, the Affordable Healthcare Act is constitutional, deemed so in a decision written by a Republican Bush appointee. Now, I can only hope that the Attorney General and Governor McDonnell and their Republican colleagues in the General Assembly will stop dragging their feet, and get to work helping Virginians by creating the health exchange to assist uninsured Virginians in  receiving access to quality, affordable healthcare. That’s what the law requires and they need to stop their partisan diatribes, follow the law and serve the Commonwealth.”


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