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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, June 27.

*Court rejects Cuccinelli’s challenge to EPA finding Can we say “loser?” See kindler’s piece on that topic.)

*Cantor: ‘We Need to Repeal’ Obamacare (Of course, Can’tor doesn’t care that only a tiny percentage of Americans want to outright repeal health care reform, including all the aspects they like about it – which is everything except for the individual mandate, a conservative Republican idea ironically.)

*SCHAPIRO COLUMN: U.Va. trauma has ancient echo

*U.Va. turmoil had one benefit – energizing alumni

*A day to remember at Jefferson’s Academical Village

*U-Va.’s uncertain future

*University of Virginia board reinstates ousted president

*The right end to U.Va.’s chaos

*McDonnell praises Sullivan, mum on BOV appointments

*No group homes for mentally ill ready to leave Va. care

*Experts draw lessons from U-Va. crisis

*Is McDonnell Being Vetted by Romney Campaign? (“Virginia governor tells WTOP’s Mark Plotkin ‘apparently there’s some vetting going on.'”)

*Ex-Gov Tim Kaine Getting A Boost From A Top State Republican?

*Virginia Democrats boost grass-roots campaign

*Virginia top cops call for stricter gun background checks (“Police chiefs association meets with U.S. Senate candidates to discuss strengthening federal law”)

*McDonnell announces process for filling judicial vacancies

*McDonnell presses Loudoun to OK Dulles Rail

*All Rail Parties Focused on Loudoun’s Vote (“At Dulles Corridor Rail Association meeting, the most important update was the one coming from Loudoun Board of Supervisors on July 3.”)

*Feds denied Va. request on immigration powers

*Kaine talks education affordability in Richmond

*Odd Dominion: Did Ron Paul supporters torpedo Bill Bolling’s political career?

*In Salem, Romney accuses Obama of failed leadership (Right, Obama “failed” by inheriting an economy in freefall from George W. Bush, then preventing a Great Depression, then getting things moving forwards again despite total Teapublican opposition and determination that Obama – and the country – fail. Yep, makes perfect sense, Willard.)

*Citizens United Goes Local (by NLS)

*Latinos return to Prince William after crackdown, but scars remain

*Arlington Marine is killed in combat in Afghanistan

*For Oates, it’s all about reviving Ovechkin as the ‘Great 8’ for Capitals

*Nationals vs. Rockies: Washington sets high with 21 hits; Gio Gonzalez gets 10th win


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