I cannot take it anymore


    I have tried. I have really tried to be patient with my Republican friends and family. I have been courteous, avoiding discussions relating to any specifics with regard to politics. I have avoided calling them out on, what I perceive to be, the failings of their party. But I just cannot take it anymore.

    I cannot sit back and listen one more minute to how disastrous “Obamacare” will be, especially when multiple sources indicate it won’t.

    I cannot stand one more person to speak to me about “the sanctity of marriage”; especially, when they have little respect for their own.

    I cannot take one more person trying to explain to me the benefits of polluting OUR land with foreign oil, which will benefit foreign companies, and go on the foreign market for foreign consumption.

    I cannot handle one more person trying to make excuses for why Romney is better for the Country than Obama, especially when all of Romney’s “policies” directly affect these same people negatively.

    I cannot listen to one more GOP politician make a case for “business owners” (IE Wall Street), while simultaneously ripping the carpet out from under the feet of the middle class.

    I cannot understand why none of these Republican friends are incapable of listening to any other news source BESIDES the most untrustworthy news organization in the nation!

    I’ve had it. I can’t take the lies. I can’t take the hyperbole. I refuse to admit that “democrats are just as bad”, and I can no longer be silent.

    I am pro-choice.

    I am pro-LGBT.

    I am pro-gun regulation.

    I am pro-small business.

    I am pro-middle class.

    I am pro-single payer.

    I am pro-education.

    I am pro-religious freedom.

    I am pro-American.

    And they are not.

    Obama / Kaine / Schmookler 2012


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