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Mitt Stoops to Conquer


While it is nothing new for Republican stalwarts and candidates, Mitt Romney’s false claims that the President is guilty of what he (Mitt) himself has done in shipping many jobs overseas has reached new levels of hypocrisy and scumminess. Mitt’s waged baseless claims against Obama (blaming the President for the Bush recession; blaming the President for the lack of jobs CAUSED by recalcitrant Republicans, who have obstructed nearly every effort the administration has made; the lack of a jobs bill passing in Congress, which Mitt’s fellow Republicans obstructed; and even outsourcing, which Mitt has done to the nth and bragged about it. It takes real gall.

According to http://www.nationofchange.org Mitt and his cronies off-shored between 21 and 32 Trillion.  The latter figure is approximately the combined economies of the US and Japan.  Despite this unprecedented economic sabotage just for the purposes of costing Obama reelection, the economy is improving.  Given all the sabotage, it is a wonder that the economy is doing as well as it is.  There was so much handwringing when the president asserted that businesses (meaning big business in general) was doing fine.  Indeed historic profits have been had by many a large company at the expense of their employees. But he was right. The same companies, their CEOs and their top executives were making a killing while the rest of America was hurting.

No one is satisfied that the recovery is robust enough.  But let’s be fair.  Oh, I forgot. Asking them to put country before their own electoral prospects is just too much to ask.  When Democrats were called upon to put country ahead of party, they did so over and over during the Bush years.  But they not only won’t put the nation ahead of party.  They conspire to undermine the economy in ways they KNOW will not work.  After three decades of failure they know better.  And then, in a Blitzkrieg of ads, Romney and the corporate ad-buyers who love him give new meaning to the term hypocrite.

But more than that, while having the gall to sing “America the Beautiful” at at least one rally, the man who would be the tax-evader-in-chief is a living, breathtaking example of how to be unpatriotic, all the while refusing to call back the racist attack dogs on his side who question whether the President is a legitimate American.  It takes gall.

Stashing his ill-gotten (assuming they are “legal” doesn’t make them right–they are still ill-gotten) gains in the banks of Switzerland, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda isn’t being a good American. Serving as an aggressive corporate predator, slashing and burning American jobs and loving it (you know he bragged about how he likes firing people) and bragging then about his business acumen is not being a good American. In what universe is a misanthrope like that “presidential”?  Even W knew better than that.  He at least pretended to be compassionate.

Mitt Romney and his friends have purposely diverted work, funding for jobs, and a needed boost to the economy all so that 1) Mitt can buy a car elevators and 2) so that President Obama will “fail.” or be portrayed as doing so. Why do Mitt and his wealthy cohorts hate America?  It makes Mitt’s tortured singing of “America the Beautiful” insulting to Americans.  He cannot even convincingly pretend to care about the country.

The flood of ads pitching the BS that the President is responsible for Mitt’s and others’  outsourcing is one more instance of the dripping hypocrisy and hubris of out-of-control dynastic Republicans.

It is within this backdrop that Nation of Change reminded that Corning and 26 other companies deserve our outrage.  While CEO Susan Ford railed about the supposedly “high” tax rate” for corporations, most pay zero federal taxes. And those which do pay much lower percentages of their income than you or I do. BUT Corning paid less than ZERO. It didn’t just pay NO taxes.  It paid negative taxes.  That’s right; it got money back despite paying NOTHING in. In other words it took the money from the rest of us.  It takes gall.  This costs jobs, by the way, as Nation of Change pointed out.

So let’s get this straight.  Mitt and his fellow Rethugs gut companies leaving them empty shells.  They ship jobs overseas.  They obstruct every effort Dems make to pass a jobs bill and grow jobs.  They do not pay their fair share in taxes.  They lie about President Obama’s record.  They lie about the stimulus. They lie by denying that their own party  at the helm and recklessly caused the worst recession since the Great Depression. Who would hire such incompetents?  They hope Americans have short memories.  

Mitt Romney has shown himself to be the biggest dissembler to run for president in sixty years.  And the so-called mainstream media keeps either trotting out false equivalencies, covering up the facts, and/or letting Mitt get away with it.  Mitt Romney will say anything to get elected. So too will the Corporate entities organized to attack President Obama. Then they claim that the President “attacks” Romney for just setting the record straight.

Ad after add falsely accuses the President of “attacking” Mitt Romney. Challenging the alleged Romney record is not attacking Romney. BUT relentlessly trying to undermine the US economy for exploitation and personal profit most surely attacks this nation.  Mitt Romney has harmed America.  And President Obama is right. Mitt is the problem, not the solution.


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