Rep. Jim Moran: Legislatures “politically castrated by the NRA”


    Rep. Jim Moran (D-8th) says:

    My son went to the airing of Batman at midnight. Don’t I have the freedom to believe that my son can go to a movie theater without…gunfire threatening his life? What are we going to do, check everyone going into a movie theater for…have a metal detector now? It seems to me this is about freedom, it’s the freedom to live securely and safely among our neighbors and friends within an advanced society. It’s just stunning to me…that my colleagues are so soft on crime and domestic terrorism, that they would allow – even after the shooting of our colleague Gabby Giffords, more than 60 multiple shootings since that crime occurred, and…tens of thousands of Americans have been murdered by firearms since the massacre at Virginia Tech. And it’s all because of, basically, legislative bodies around the country have been politically castrated by the NRA, they’re intimidated…

    …At the very least we should restrict assault weapons; we used to, the NRA even accepted that until they realized they could get rid of it so easily. And we ought to close the gunshow loophole. And we ought to restrict the accumulation of rounds of ammunition – I mean, 6,000 rounds of ammunition, really? And we shrug our shoulders? If this had been any kind of foreign agent, we’d send the Marine Corps after them. But here, we shrug our shoulders and come up with all kinds of pious, remorseful rhetoric. We ought to do something, and we haven’t done anything about this…to some extent we are complicit in these crimes if we don’t stand up and speak out and act responsibly as a legislative body at all levels of government.

    Preach it brother.


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