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Poland’s Solidarity Union Snubs Romney; Campaign Aide Tells Reporters to “Kiss My A**”


An excellent summary of Romney’s disastrous foreign trip, which is now ending, appropriately enough, disastrously. A brief review of just a few Romney f-ups during this trip: a) he insulted the United Kingdom and blabbed inappropriately about a meeting with British intelligence – a meeting that was supposed to be, uh, SECRET (duh!); b) he totally pissed off the Palestinians, leading them to lambaste him as racist and ignorant (“”It seems to me this man (Romney) lacks information, knowledge, vision and understanding of this region and its people”); c) he claimed that Israeli Jews had a better economic situation than the Palestinians because of their superior “culture,” which one Israeli political science professor said was the type of thing “said by anti-Semites all over the years;” d) he was snubbed by Poland’s famed Solidarity union, which was instrumental in ultimately bringing about the downfall of the Soviet empire, because of his “attacks against trade unions and labor rights”; and e) one of his aides, obviously frustrated at the utter disaster this trip has been, told reporters to “kiss my a**” (he said this, ironically, at what he said was a Polish “Holy site” where you’re supposed to “show some respect,” which he most certainly DID NOT) for the audacity of asking Romney questions.

Bottom line: to the extent that foreign policy matters — and in my view it matters a great deal, particularly considering that a president can do a LOT MORE on foreign policy than on the economy — Romney just proved he is about as far from qualified to be Commander in Chief as is humanly possible. Total, utter, miserable #FAIL. Bottom line: anyone who votes for this guy is seriously, seriously confused.

P.S. Also see If you liked George W. Bush, you’ll love Mitt Romney.


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