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Tim Kaine Statement on June Job Growth


Richmond, VA – Tim Kaine released the following statement regarding today’s announcement that the U.S. economy added 80,000 jobs in June:

“The 80,000 jobs created in June represent 28 consecutive months of private sector job growth following 25 months of job losses, but as I travel across Virginia, it remains clear there is more work to be done. To create jobs now and grow our economy, we cannot go back to the same failed policies that prioritized the economic success of the few special interests at the expense of Virginia families and businesses.

“Instead of going back to the policies my opponent supports of tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and special interests, we need investments in our infrastructure and our small businesses that will create opportunity for all Americans.  Instead of voting for the largest student loan cuts in U.S. history even as tuition rose by more than 40%, as my opponent did, we need leaders who understand investments in higher education are critical to building a skilled workforce.  Instead of attempting the strategy my opponent advocates of damaging cuts to education, defense, Medicare, Social Security and other critical programs, we have to balance our budget through a combination of significant cuts but also tax reforms that allow for investments.  And, instead of pushing divisive proposals that pit Americans against one another, as my opponent has done throughout his career, we need leaders who can find common ground on our economic challenges.  

“Just this week, we learned the impending sequestration cuts, made necessary because of the disastrous fiscal policies my opponent supported, could cost the nation one million jobs. We simply cannot trust the same fiscal wrecking crew that was handed a balanced budget and turned it into a mess of deficits and runaway spending to rebuild our economy. Now more than ever, we need leaders with the experience and the resolve to make the forward-looking decisions to strengthen our economy and restore fiscal balance.  As Governor during the worst recession since the Great Depression, I balanced Virginia’s budget while making historic investments in education and transportation and recruiting new corporations to our Commonwealth.  That’s the experience I’ll take to Washington.”