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Video: Businessman in Romney Ad Strongly AGREES that Business Helped by Government Investment


To quote businessman Jack Gilchrist, who was in an ad for Mitt Romney, speaking on no less than Neil Cavuto’s far-right-wing Faux “News” hatefest:

There’s truth to what [Obama] says. I mean, Helen Bresnahan (?) was my 11th grade English teacher, and she made an impression on me that will last with me for the rest of my life…she just sticks with me. I think my dad and his parents, the great generations, on their backs we built the interstate highway system, bridges and whatnot, but we all pay taxes every time we put gas in our tank, which go to maintaining and keeping up the roads and the bridges. I think the military maybe, I don’t know if it was Al Gore or the military I’m not sure which, which created the internet…we’ve all got to benefit from it since then. So yeah, there’s been some help along the way.

I’d also add: the police, fire fighters, and public safety officials of all types; our country’s monetary and financial system, without which we couldn’t even have a modern economy at all; protections for workers, including workplace safety and minimum wages, which allow those workers to survive, possibly even buy the products produced by American business; air that’s safe to breathe and water that’s safe to drink, without which we’d all be sick and/or dead; etc, etc. Other than that, the government had absolutely NOTHING to do with the success of business in this country. Nope, individual business owners built the roads, the internet, the military, the police forces, the public education system, etc. Got it.


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