Videos: Sunday Morning Guests Pile on Romney for Tax Returns, Bain


    Here’s conservative Bill Kristol calling on Romney to release his tax returns “tomorrow,” that it’s “crazy” not to do so. Add Kristol to the growing list of Republicans – Haley Barbour, George Will, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley – saying the same thing, that Romney should release his tax returns going back several years, as Romney’s own father thought was essential. Not that Romney seems to care or anything. Also, see the “flip” for more video from this morning of guests piling on Romney regarding said tax returns, Bain Capital, failure to fess up, etc. It must not be very fun being Willard “Mitt” Romney right now, but remember, he brought this on himself, 100%, as much as they want to whine that they’re poor victims of mean mean politics. Waaaaaaaah. Sorry,” “Mitt,” but you’re not ready for prime time, let alone the White House (can you imagine what Putin would do to this guy?!?).