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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, July 27. In the image, note that #romneyshambles was the #1 trending topic on Twitter yesterday, and is still #3 this morning! Essentially, Mitt Romney has made himself the laughing stock of the world, at least the “Anglo-Saxon” world. Ha.

*Romney tries to steer around Olympics gaffe in Britain (As usual, the corporate media gets the story only partly right; Romney made a number of gaffes, not just about the Olympics.)

*Romney’s Central Foreign Policy Attack Against Obama Unravels (In contrast, Talking Points Memo nails it!)

*Romney Olympic success required federal payout (Ha! Apparently Romney didn’t “build that” on his own, but with help from the government. Fascinating.)

*Civic groups to Va.: Allow voter forms (Bottom line: Republicans do everything they can to prevent people from voting. Democrats do everything they can to help people vote. Hmmm…which one believes in democracy?)

*Quick hits: Dems bill Allen, vets defend Kaine, Bolling blasts regs, GOP recruits women

*U.S. Chamber ad hits Kaine’s governor record (Again, remember, the national Chamber of Commerce is no more than an arm of the Republican Party. Plus, calling a guy who cut taxes and billions in spending while governor of Virginia a fan of “big government” is beyond laughable.)

*John Thune to open Springfield office for Romney campaign

*Va. senators buck Obama on offshore drilling (To put it mildly, oil drilling off Virginia’s coast is not wise. Unless, of course, you enjoyed the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.)

*A regional merger worth discussing

*Taxpayers on hook for $1b in Tysons upgrades

*Pittsylvania board chairman: Statements not meant to offend

*Episcopal Diocese of Va. to consecrate first female bishop

*Congressman Hurt Says Okay to Debates (This should be amusing!)

*Forbes urges McDonnell to drop I-95 toll idea

*Redskins sites narrowed to four; team GM seems open to non-city location

*Nationals share best record in MLB

with Yankees after routing Brewers
(“Sixth win in row moves club to 20 games over .500 for first time since baseball returned to Washington.”)