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Why I’m a Liberal


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In my opinion, not enough is done to sell the left. To be a Liberal (a true “liberal”) is not only a rarity in America, but in some circles (especially the ones that I’m in, in the Shenandoah Valley), is completely looked down upon. Branded as “socialist”, “communist”, “welfare-queen”, “lazy”, or in some cases even “un-American”, I sometimes consider that maybe something is wrong in my thinking. Why can’t I get in line with the GOP?

It has occurred to me that inherently, or perhaps ideologically, “conservatives” are selfish. I say this with all the love in the world for my Republican friends and family, but I feel that way none the less. Take the issues:

Abortion; Immigration; The Drug War; Health Care; The Economy; Gun Rights; LGBT issues; Religious Freedom; Education

In all of these cases, the party line of the GOP, as I see it, is “how it affects me”: ie, “I want my guns; I don’t want to pay taxes; I don’t want to be forced to buy insurance; I don’t approve of gay marriage”, etc. Conservatives, in my opinion, don’t look beyond their noses to consider what might be best for others.

That’s what sets [some] Liberals apart: we’re motivated by the issues that affect the Country as a whole. I’m in favor of gay marriage, not because I’m gay, but because LGBT individuals should enjoy the same rights that I do. I’m in favor of “Obamacare” not because I want or need insurance, but because there are 50 million Americans without it. I’m pro-choice, not because my wife and I have ever wanted to or even would have an abortion, but because it’s not place to judge others physical and/or spiritual consequences of their actions (if you believe in that sort of thing). I believe in the DREAM Act not because I’m an immigrant, but because I believe that children shouldn’t be punished for their parents shortcomings. In short, I’m a Liberal not because it benefits me, but because it benefits the country as a whole; and in that, I find that I have far more in common with the Founding Fathers than any Tea Partier could ever hope.

The FF didn’t write the Declaration of Independence because Jefferson was going to become rich, or Franklin was going to become an icon; they did it because it was the right thing to do for “all” Americans. They didn’t write the Constitution to ensure James Madison’s stature or George Washington’s power. They wrote the Bill of Rights to assure a bright future for “all” Americans. So why don’t we push this? Why isn’t this a punchline? I’m Liberal because I care about America, and Americans…ALL Americans.

I figure we’re like Legos; individually, we’re all different shapes and sizes and colors, but we’re limited in our design. Collectively, we can build anything that we put our mind to, if and only if, we stick together.

Thanks Blue Virginia for the forum to voice my opinions.


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