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Douglass Campaign Email: “Limbaugh Wannabee Attacks”

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Lowell —

We are so grateful for all the Veterans and voters of both parties here in our district who rallied behind us when Congressman Hurt's radio host bashed General Douglass's service with nasty epithets like “empty uniform,” “dupe” and “chickenhawk”. Hurt – a regular guest of Rob Schilling – whines about “gutter politics” when it comes to his uranium mining ties, but lacks the moral courage to condemn these swift-boat attacks.

So we urgently need your strong support to show Hurt and his right-wing media allies that enough is enough.

Even after groups like VetPAC and VoteVets called upon the host to apologize, Hurt still seems willing to condone his radio host's repeated smears on John Douglass, Tom Perriello, Tim Kaine and others by returning to the show. VetPAC said “It's disgusting that Robert Hurt, a sitting Congressman and regular guest of The Schilling Show, would remain silent.”

Hurt, and his allies who call General Douglass a “coward,” should tell it to President Reagan and President Clinton who called on General Douglass to lead our nation's military at the highest levels. Having narrowly escaped several attempts on his life during his 35-years of service, General Douglass has shown that he is a true patriot who loves our country too much not to take action. 

So it's only a matter of time before they are at it again, unless we stick up for all our Veterans across the country. Please contribute right away.

Thanks for standing up for John Douglass – together, we will help him win in November.

On to victory,

Gary Ritterstein
Campaign Manager
John Douglass for Congress


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