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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, August 27.

*Can Romney get real?

*At Ron Paul rally, no Mitt Romney endorsement

*Analysis: Akin row shows GOP’s social-fiscal rift

*McDonnell: GOP Platform Doesn’t Make Judgment On Rape, Incest Exceptions (Once Pat Robertson’s student, always Pat Robertson’s student.)

*Kaine Joins Planned Parenthood Rally (In short, Tim Kaine will fight for women’s health and reproductive rights; George Allen will do the opposite. Can’t get much clearer than that, huh?)

*Rally in Richmond takes aim at GOP lawmakers

*AP-GfK poll: Raise taxes to save Social Security (Romney/Ryan’s plan, of course, would cut taxes for the wealthy and hurt Social Security, Medicare, etc.)

*Now’s the time for budget sanity

*Susan Allen raises profile as campaigner

*Army vet takes on Cantor

*Powell TV ad targets Cantor supporters

*Storm clouds don’t deter Virginia delegation in Tampa (Onward brave culture warriors! Heh.)

*Editorial: Avoid rash decisions on the Port of Virginia (“Gov. McDonnell should focus less on cash from a privatization deal and more on long-term strategic planning”)

*Storm won’t cost Comstock moment in sun

*Phillies’ sweep produces some tension (An ugly series, but certainly no need to panic at this point.)


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