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Douglass Campaign Responds to Hurt Campaign’s “Whining”







 Response to Hurt Campaign's Whining


Chatham, VA – In response to the Hurt campaign's complaints about the Vice President's remarks earlier today, Douglass for Congress Campaign spokesman Chase Winder issued statement:

"Instead of stooping to selective moral outrage about those who 'may be entitled to their own views' just 48 hours after refusing to condemn their own radio host's attacks on General Douglass's military service, the Corporate Congressman should get back to work on a federal ban of uranium mining that puts Virginia families at risk. Now that they admit the 'people of the 5th District deserve' a debate, we' take it that Hurt will soon accept our challenge for five joint appearances." 



Hurt refuses to condemn radio host attacks.

“While journalists and outside groups may be entitled to their own views, they do not speak for Robert or our campaign," Brown said.


Hurt campaign criticizes Vice President's remarks

“The people of the 5th District deserve a debate on the issues that will get our economy back on track, balance our budget and put us on a course to energy independence – not more Washington, D.C., gutter politics being offered by Mr. Douglass,” Hurt said.


For more information or to request an interview, email press@johndouglassforcongress.comcall 434-906-2022 and follow us on Twitter @JWDouglass 


Gen. John Douglass is running for Congress in the 5th District to help Virginia families get a fair chance at a better future after serving our country on President Reagan’s National Security Council and then as President Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of the Navy, before going on to promote air and space policies that grow our economy by creating manufacturing jobs and keeping our skies safe.




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