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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, August 29.

*Campus tour brings Obama to UVa.

*GOP platform through the years shows party’s shift from moderate to conservative (The GOP “has morphed over the past half-century from a socially moderate, environmentally progressive and fiscally cautious group to a conservative party that is suspicious of government, allied against abortion and motivated by faith.” I was proud to be part of the former. I despise the latter.)

*Over Loud Boos, Romney Supporters Pass New Rules

*Mitt Romney’s tax plan, obscured by ‘underbrush’

*Paul and Romney delegates speak different languages

*A storm inside the GOP convention (“The Romney campaign had taken pains to stifle the Paul rebellion, by denying him a speaking role, expediting the roll call, changing party rules and even unseating Paul delegates from Maine…”)

*Chris Christie is NOT a truthteller (“Is there anything worse than someone being obnoxiously boastful about a quality when it can easily be demonstrated he doesn’t possess it?”)

*Ann Romney points to Mitt’s greatest strength – and weakness (“…Mitt Romney’s greatest weaknesses – it remains utterly mysterious to what end, beyond his own advancement, he wants to apply all that talent and drive.”)

*Ann Romney, Chris Christie’s speeches get the job done, but no more (“…what struck me in prime time and all day, as it’s struck me all year with the current GOP, is just how little they have to say”)

*Virginia’s plan rejects the goal of No Child Left Behind

*Gov. McDonnell steps into national spotlight with convention speech

*McDonnell plays it safe on national stage

*Ex-Rep. Davis fires up Va. delegation, Cuccinell’s remarks closed (“State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli also addressed the Virginia delegation Tuesday morning, but his remarks were closed to reporters.” Why?!?)

*Appearance with Webb Shows McCaskill’s ‘Boring’ Strategy

*Allen: Loudoun County Crucial in November Election

*Schapiro: Ticket-splitting, another dying Va. tradition

*Ken Cuccinelli’s suggestion for PBS

*Run government in person (“Editorial: Virginia should not allow members of government bodies to attend more meetings virtually.”)

*Editorial: Better care for more people (“Virginia has a history of failed behavioral health reforms but now has an opportunity to get it right.”)

*Slow-moving storm floods roads, forces evacuations on Peninsula

*Eagles’ fans implore Norfolk council not to get rid of bald eagles’ nests

*In pitch to Beach council, group says arena would boost economy

*Nationals vs. Marlins: Stephen Strasburg is knocked around as Washington’s losing streak hits five

P.S. One of the funniest (albeit unintentionally so) headlines I’ve seen in days was “Boehner: Romney favorability lagging because he’s ‘shy'”

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