George Allen Voted for “conceptions from rape…[as common as] snowfall in Miami” Judge


    Just when you think George “Macaca” Allen couldn’t get any worse, you come across reports like this one.

    …as a senator eight years ago, Allen voted to confirm a federal judge who years earlier, in terms even starker than Akin’s, had dismissed the notion that rape can result in pregnancy.

    James Leon Holmes, now a federal judge in Arkansas, had made the assertion in a 1980 letter backing a constitutional ban on abortion.

    [C]oncern for rape victims is a red herring because conceptions from rape occur with approximately the same frequency as snowfall in Miami,” wrote Holmes, a former president of Arkansas Right to Life.

    Why am I not surprised that George Allen joined Rick Santorum, Saxby Chambliss, Larry “Wide Stance” Craig, John Sununu, and other luminaries voting to approve this theocratic freakazoid/nutjob judge? Also fascinating is to see that the ONLY Republicans who voted “nay” to this wacko were progressive Republican Lincoln Chafee and Virginia’s own John Warner – an essentially extinct species nowadays, an honorable, sane Republican politician.

    P.S. I just checked Wikipedia, and it turns out that Leon Holmes also said, “The pro-abortionists counsel us to respond to these problems by abandoning what little morality our society still recognizes…This was attempted by one highly sophisticated, historically Christian nation in our century – Nazi Germany.” Yep, he “went there,” comparing abortion to Nazi Germany (thereby violating Godwin’s law).


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