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In New Ad, Kaine Shares Economic Plan With Virginians


From the Kaine campaign:


August 29, 2012 

Kaine for Virginia Press Office
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Richmond, VA –  Today Tim Kaine released “Tomorrow” a new television ad highlighting his plan to grow the economy and create jobs by investing in businesses, rebuilding infrastructure, and developing the world’s most talented workforce. In the ad, Kaine says, From these conversations, I know we can create jobs right away by investing in small businesses and rebuilding our roads and bridges. But we can’t stop there. Education and training are the keys to the jobs of tomorrow.” Kaine unveiled his economic plan in April that builds on strategies he pursued to help make Virginia Forbes' Best State for Business all four years of his term. Since the beginning of the year, Kaine has conducted more than 75 roundtables across the Commonwealth.

“Across all parts of the Commonwealth I’ve heard time and again that we need leaders in Washington who can work together to support our small businesses, rebuild our roads and bridges, and ensure the next generation of workers have the skills to compete in a global economy,” said Kaine. “After discussions with business owners, community leaders, and educators, I’ve laid out strategies that will strengthen our economy and create jobs throughout our Commonwealth and the nation.”

“Governor Kaine's investments in our infrastructure throughout the state, especially Hampton Roads, made our Commonwealth more attractive for businesses to relocate and start in Virginia. As governor, he made investments in new public transit in Norfolk and supported the Port of Virginia that continues to connect Virginia businesses with consumers across the world,” said Delegate Jeion Ward.“Washington is too gridlocked with politicians whose rigid all cuts approach, like that of George Allen, would devastate resources for transit projects, leading to higher tolls for commuters. Instead, we need representatives like Gov. Kaine who will put aside ideology to find a balanced approach to our fiscal challenges that leaves room for vital investments in infrastructure that will create jobs now and enable future growth in decades to come.” 
“Tim Kaine doesn’t just have the plan to develop a workforce to compete in a global economy, he also has the record to back it up. Virginia students and businesses can't afford the all cuts approach of George Allen that would gut key investments critical to economic growth,” said Sharon Bulova, Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. “Tim’s unwavering commitment to providing affordable and accessible education for young people across Virginia has been steadfast throughout his term of public service and I am confident he will give Virginia students the representation they need in the U.S. Senate.” 
“As a Mayor and a Governor, Tim Kaine made education a priority by rebuilding schools and investing in career and technical education that prepared our kids for the jobs of tomorrow,” said Henrico County School Board member Lamont Bagby. “Whether it was expanding pre-K access by 40 percent or championing the largest higher education bond package in Virginia's history that has built new labs and classrooms, Tim has proven he has an approach that will bring all sides together for the good of Virginia students.” 
“Tomorrow” will run in major media markets across Virginia. Support from more than 30,000 donors has allowed Kaine for Virginia to purchase more than $4.5 million in advertising time between now and Election Day.

Kaine for Virginia has recently released television ads, “Best” and “Valores,” as well as radio ads “Family Values” and “Valores.”  

Script Facts
TIM KAINE: “I’ve been traveling all across Virginia, talking to business owners and workers about our economic future.”
Tim Kaine]
August 2012: Kaine Has Held More Than 70 Economic Roundtable Discussions. The Augusta Free Press reported, “Since the beginning of the year, Kaine has held more than 70 economic roundtable discussions around Virginia with business and community leaders to share his strategies to create jobs and strengthen the economy.” [Augusta Free Press, 8/19/12]
TIM KAINE: “From these conversations, I know we can create jobs right away by investing in small businesses and rebuilding our roads and bridges. But we can’t stop there.”
Small Business
Rebuild Roads & Bridges]
Kaine Announced Virginia Small Business Authority Would Lower Rates, Lengthen Terms. According to a January 2007 press release issued by Kaine’s office, “Governor Timothy M. Kaine today announced enhancements to the Virginia Small Business Financing Authority’s (VSBFA) Direct Loan and Loan Guarantee programs. For new loans, the rate on the Direct Loan Program will drop by two percent, and the program’s term length will increase from a five-year to a 10-year maximum. The VSBFA’s Loan Guarantee Program term will also increase, from a three-year to a five-year guarantee. ‘These rate and term enhancements offer lower costs and more flexibility for small business owners, as well as banks and other lenders looking for creative ways to support small businesses,’ said Governor Kaine. ‘We expect lower rates and longer terms to lead to new investments and new jobs, helping boost hundreds of small businesses looking to grow across the Commonwealth, especially in our rural and economically distressed areas.’ The VSBFA provides direct loans in economic development transactions and under specific programs designed to promote environmental stewardship and assist licensed daycare centers and family home providers. Loan guarantees offered through the VSBFA provide credit enhancements to commercial banks to increase access to capital for businesses.” [Office of Governor Kaine, 1/30/07]
Governor Kaine Announced More Than $2.3 Million In Community Improvement Grants, Which Would Support Small Businesses. According to a January 2009 press release issued by Kaine’s office, “Governor Timothy M. Kaine today announced the award of a $2,314,551 in Virginia Community Development Block Grant (VCDBG) funding for four projects in Altavista, Richlands, and Saltville designed to revitalize downtowns, rehabilitate homes, and renovate a dental clinic in order to provide community improvements for more than 3,300 people. ‘This funding will provide not only for the rehabilitation of homes, but also for the revitalization of downtown Altavista, and for the renovation of a dental clinic in Saltville,’ Governor Kaine said. ‘The grant will provide significant quality of life improvements for many Virginians, as well as economic and health improvements.’ The grant was awarded through the VCDBG Community Improvement fund, designed to improve localities by expanding infrastructure for new or expanding industries, providing new or improved water and sewer systems in rural areas, rehabilitating housing in declining neighborhoods, revitalizing commercial districts, providing support to small businesses, and providing facilities for a variety of needed services, such as dental clinics.” [Office of Governor Kaine, 1/20/09]
Kaine Announced VA Small Business Financing Authority Assistance To Help VA Businesses. According to an October 2008 press release issued by Kaine’s office, “In response to the current global credit crisis, and in an effort to assist Virginia businesses during this uncertain time, the Virginia Small Business Financing Authority (VSBFA) is prepared to provide assistance to banks that restructure existing loans to qualifying businesses in an effort to preserve Virginia jobs. This assistance can be in the form of guaranties or portfolio insurance. ‘I am proud that the VSBFA is taking a productive role in helping Virginia's banks and small businesses protect Virginia jobs during this difficult time,’ said Governor Kaine. ‘In good times, and in bad, the Virginia Small Business Financing Authority is there to assist Virginia businesses and help create jobs for our citizens.’ The VSBFA will allow for the enrollment of loans in its Capital Access Programs and consider a guaranty of 75%, or $500,000, whichever is greater, for lines or loans to restructure existing bank debt. The restructuring should allow a) terms longer than the original note called for, and/or b) lower interest charges, and/or c) increased flexibility in the terms to match the borrower's repayment ability.” [Office of Governor Kaine, 10/16/08]
Governor Kaine Signed Executive Order To Enhance State Spending With Small, Women- And Minority-Owned Businesses. According to an August 2006 press release issued by Kaine’s office, “Governor Timothy M. Kaine today issued an Executive Order to improve the Commonwealth’s performance in contracting with small businesses and those owned by people of color and women (SWAM). Executive Order 33 includes directives that are designed to remove potential structural impediments to SWAM participation, and to encourage new thinking and active recruitment programs that will lead to increased SWAM participation in the procurement of goods and services, including among subcontractors. The Order builds upon legislation adopted by the 2006 General Assembly (HB122/SB 662) which authorized the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE) to certify small, women and minority-owned businesses, while developing remedial and enhancement programs to improve the Commonwealth’s performance. ‘As Governor, I am making it a priority to see that every company – regardless of size, regardless of who owns it – has the opportunity to compete on a level playing field to secure state government contracts,’ said Governor Kaine. ‘Simply stated, that is what Virginia’s SWAM program is all about, and the Executive Order I am signing today allows the executive branch to enhance and implement initiatives that will further our overall SWAM efforts. Every Cabinet secretary and agency director that I have hired understands this is our priority, and has committed to it.’” [Office of Governor Kaine, 8/10/06]
Officials Broke Ground On Robertson Bridge In July 2010; Project Was Funded By Federal Money, Which Kaine Pushed For As Governor.  GoDanRiver.com reported, “Federal, state and local officials broke ground on the Robertson Bridge project Monday morning on Riverside Drive near the construction site. The project was made possible by $23 million from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act passed in 2009. ‘This is a very exciting day to be putting shovels in the ground for this project,’ said U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello, D-5th District, during the ceremony. The project will total $31.2 million, including design, construction, right of way and other expenses. In early 2009, Perriello, then-Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, and then-city manager Lyle Lacy pushed for federal funding for the project.” [GoDanRiver.com, 7/13/10]
·      Robertson Bridge Near Completion In Danville; Project Scheduled To Be Completed On September 13, 2012. [Go Dan River, 6/26/12]
Kaine: Completion Of “The Fairfax County Parkway” Was Vital For Building “The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.” According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, “Kaine and Obama met at the site of the Fairfax County Parkway, which local officials have been trying to complete for 20 years. Kaine said completion of the project is critical to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which is under construction at Fort Belvoir. The building will serve about 8,500 people and is important to the nation's security, Kaine said. The NGA is a Department of Defense combat-support agency and part of the national intelligence community. It develops imagery and ‘map-based intelligence solutions’ for U.S. national defense, homeland security and navigation, according to the agency. ‘It was a huge get for Virginia and for Fort Belvoir to have the NGA here, but the significant concern about it was obviously transportation infrastructure,’ Kaine said.” [Richmond Times Dispatch, 2/12/09]
·      Fairfax County Parkway Slated To Be Finished In October, 2012. According to The Connection Newspapers, “The Fairfax County Parkway has been changed from Route 7100 to Route 286. It’s because the parkway was re-classified as a primary road, rather than a secondary road, in the state system. This way, it will be eligible for federal funding for repairs. Virginia also spends more money on primary-road maintenance than it does to maintain secondary roads. So Supervisor Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) successfully had the Fairfax County Parkway re-designated. Road signs will include both numbers for at least a year and a full repaving will begin this summer. The $19 million project will be done mainly at night and on weekends and will require lane closures and occasional detours. Work is slated to be finished in October.” [The Connection, 6/28/12]
Kaine Announced Agreement To Speed Up Gainesville Interchange Project By Three Years. According to an October 2007 press release issued by Kaine’s office, “Governor Timothy M. Kaine today announced an agreement with the Federal Highway Administration that will speed-up the Gainesville interchange project at Interstate 66 and Route 29 by approximately three years. In addition, Governor Kaine highlighted the successful effort to increase state, regional and local transportation funding adopted by the 2007 General Assembly, including increases in funding for an 11-mile extension of Virginia Railway Express (VRE) service to Gainesville and Haymarket.  In addition, enhanced funding will accelerate the construction of a critical rail crossing on Route 28 in Manassas – a longtime bottleneck for commuters. ‘I am pleased that federal, state and local officials have worked in bipartisan way to bring additional transportation relief to commuters in Prince William County and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park,’ said Governor Kaine. ‘Senator Colgan has been a tireless advocate for transportation improvements in this region, and these projects show we are making progress.’ The Gainesville interchange project – at I-66 and Route 29 — will significantly advance through a new federal-state agreement for purchasing the needed property.” [Office of Governor Kaine, 10/23/07] 
TIM KAINE: “Education and training are the keys to the jobs of tomorrow. We need to remain the most talented nation on earth, and I have a plan to keep us there.”
Kaine Announced Opening Of Charlottesville Workforce Center. According to a December 2007 press release issued by Kaine’s office, “Governor Timothy M. Kaine today announced the opening of Virginia's first comprehensive workforce one stop center in Charlottesville to serve jobseekers and businesses in the region from one central location. The Charlottesville Workforce Center will house local and state government agencies and not-for-profit organizations and operate as a collaborative office. It will serve as the model for future one stop centers to be located throughout the Commonwealth. The state-of-the-art facility features shared programming open to the public in areas such as resume writing, educational training for GED, post-secondary education, finance management and job services. ‘Citizens and employers will receive high quality services and training from the dedicated partners of the Charlottesville Workforce Center,’ said Governor Kaine. ‘Upcoming one stop facilities will model this Center's comprehensive approach to partner cooperation and co-location efficiencies.’” [Office of Governor Kaine Press Release, 12/10/07]
Kaine Stated New Roanoke Workforce Center Underscored His Administration’s “Commitment To Providing Assistance To Our Citizens And Employers.”According to a September 2009 press release issued by Kaine’s office, “Governor Timothy M. Kaine today announced the opening of the Roanoke Workforce Center, Virginia’s second comprehensive one-stop workforce center. The Center will serve jobseekers and businesses in the region from one central location and will house local and state government agencies and not-for-profit organizations. The state-of-the-art facility features shared programming open to the public in areas such as resume writing, educational training for GED, post-secondary education, finance management and job services. ‘This center underscores our commitment to providing assistance to our citizens and employers as we continue to build and improve our workforce,’ Governor Kaine said. ‘Whether we’re facing economic prosperity or tougher financial conditions, like we are today, education and workforce training are critical in making the right investments to build the strength and vitality of Virginia and its communities.’ […] Plans are underway to open another nine centers in Virginia. These centers are designed to have all participating organizations work as one unit to better meet the common goals of a region so that the communities will be better served through enhanced communication and dialogue between the various stakeholders, whether they are a service provider or customer.” [Office of Governor Kaine Press Release, 9/14/09]
Kaine Announced Opening Of 3 Workforce Centers In Prince William, Danville, And South Boston. According to a press release from the office of Governor Kaine, “Governor Timothy M. Kaine today cut the ribbon on the new comprehensive Workforce Center in Prince William County, and is scheduled to open two additional centers in Danville and South Boston later today. Today's openings bring the total number of comprehensive one-stop workforce centers in Virginia to five. The Centers will serve jobseekers and businesses in their respective regions from central locations and will house local and state government agencies and not-for-profit organizations, including the local Community College, Virginia Employment Commission and Department of Rehabilitative Services.” [Office Of Governor Kaine Press Release, 12/14/09]
July 2007: Virginia Won NGA Grant To Develop Career And Technology Educational Centers. A press release from Governor Kaine’s office stated, “Governor Timothy M. Kaine today announced that Virginia joins five other states in receiving a $500,000 grant from the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in their states. Virginia’s application stood out with a proposal to develop Career and Technology (CTE) centers at the high school and postsecondary level in order to reinforce and increase Virginia’s workforce.” [Press Release from Governor Kaine, 7/2/07]
January 2008: Kaine Announced The First Six Governor’s Career And Technical Academies. A press release from Governor Kaine’s office stated, “Governor Timothy M. Kaine today announced grants to establish the Commonwealth’s first Governor’s Career and Technical Academies. The six academies will provide instruction in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and are being developed as partnerships among schools divisions, employers, business organizations, and colleges and universities.” The first six academies were in Halifax County, Newport News, Arlington County, Suffolk, Russell County, and Stafford County. [Press Release from Governor Kaine, 1/4/08]
Fall 2008: Seven Governor’s Career And Technical Academies Open For The First Time In Virginia. [Virginia Department of Education Calendar of STEM-Related Communication Events, 2/28/09]
May 2009: Chesterfield County Became The Eighth Governor’s Career And Technical Academy.  The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported, “After 10 years of preparing Chesterfield County students for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the pre-engineering program at L.C. Bird High School has a new stamp of approval. It's an official Governor's Career and Technical Academy for Engineering Studies. . . . The program will be the eighth of its kind in the state.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/30/09]
July 2009: Richmond City Public Schools Approved For Ninth Governor’s Career And Technical Academy. [Virginia Board Of Education Approval, 7/23/09]
January 2010: There Were Nine Governor’s Career And Technical Academies When Kaine Left Office. In his final State of the Commonwealth address, Governor Kaine said, “We have grown career and technical education programs throughout our  state. As a former technical school principal in Honduras, it gives me great pleasure to see our kids earning industry certifications-more than 20,000 last year, up from only 5,000 annually when I took office-or working to achieve our new technical diploma or attending one of 9 newly-designated Governor's Career and Technical Academies.” [Kaine State of the Commonwealth Address, 1/14/10]
2008: General Assembly Agreed to $1.4 Billion Bond Package For Higher Ed, Which Kaine Called “Critical to Our Economic Success.” The Bond Buyer reported, “Virginia lawmakers late Tuesday reached a preliminary agreement on a $1.4 billion bond package to fund construction at the state's colleges, parks, and mental health facilities. . . . ‘The General Assembly has worked very hard over the last months to advance our higher education bond proposal,’ Kaine said in a statement. ‘The completion of their work will signal a record investment in Virginia's higher education institutions, which are absolutely critical to our economic success.’” [The Bond Buyer, 4/17/08]
Roanoke Times: $1.4 Billion Bond Package For Higher Education A Rare Moment To Be Proud Of All Lawmakers.In an editorial, the Roanoke Times wrote, “Rare is the moment when Virginians can look to Richmond and be proud of every single lawmaker. It's been a long time coming, but just such an auspicious occasion occurred last week when all lawmakers agreed to a $1.46 billion bond package that, for the most part, will be spent bettering the state's universities and community colleges.” [Editorial, The Roanoke Times, 4/28/08]
TIM KAINE: “I’m Tim Kaine and I approve this message. By listening to our businesses we can improve our economy and create jobs.”



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