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Kaine Campaign “Furious” at “false, divisive, negative ads” being run against them


I agree with Mike Henry, the Allen campaign and his allies are outrageous, out of control, and we all should be furious. We also all should do what we can to fight back, unless of course you don't mind the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, etc. literally trying to buy our democracy out from under us. 


I still can't believe it — three false, divisive, negative ads launched on the same morning. 

The other side has kicked their already massive spending into high gear with their most recent ad buy, and they're going to keep spending secret money at furious rates until the end of the campaign. 

Meanwhile, we haven't put a cent's worth of ads on the air. We've got to change that. And because we rely on grassroots support, not special interests, we need your help today to do just that. 

Make a contribution of $5 or more now to help us add 250 new donors in the next 48 hours to beef up our media buy and respond to the false attacks with our own advertising on TV, the radio, and the internet. 

Mike Henry
Campaign Manger  



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