Maureen Dowd Rips Paul Ryan as “just a fresh face on a Taliban creed”


    I’m not always a Maureen Dowd fan, but today’s column is a classic. Definitely read the entire thing, but for now here are a few highlights (bolding added by me for emphasis).

    *Todd Akin “reflects a severe stance on abortion that many in his party embrace, including the new vice presidential candidate.”

    *”Even as party leaders attempted to lock the crazy uncle in the attic in Missouri, they were doing their own crazy thing down in Tampa, Fla., by reiterating language in their platform calling for a no-exceptions Constitutional amendment outlawing abortion, even in cases of rape, incest and threat to the life of the mother.” (Note: “Transvaginal Bob” McDonnell is playing a major role in that.)

    *Paul Ryan “may look young and hip and new generation,” but…in reality “he’s just a fresh face on a Taliban creed – the evermore antediluvian, anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-gay conservative core.

    *An even better line: “Ryan is the perfect modern leader to rally medieval Republicans who believe that Adam and Eve cavorted with dinosaurs.”

    *And, “for all the Republican cant about how they want to keep government out of the lives of others, the ultraconservatives are panting to meddle in the lives of others.

    *Finally, as for Willard “Mitt” Romney, “in his last presidential bid [he] went after the endorsement of Dr. John Willke, a former president of the National Right to Life Committee and father of the inanity about rape victims being able to turn back sperm if they put their mind and muscles to it.”

    The way I’d put it is this: the Republican Party says it wants to take back this country, it just leaves off the crucially important last four words — “to the Dark Ages.” And the bottom line is that no woman (or intelligent/sane man, or non-fundamentalist (of the Pat Robertson and Todd Akin schools) Christian, or GLBT person, or anyone with a brain or any compassion whatsoever, should vote for this party until it purges itself completely of it fundamentalist, “American Taliban,” anti-science, anti-rationality, anti-enlightenment, “women’s bodies are OURS to control” elements in its ranks.

    Oh, and for those of you who argue that “social issues” are only one thing, that Republicans are ok on other areas, I’d like to ask you which of the following you find appealing: massive skewing of the tax code to the wealthiest Americans and against the middle class; trashing Social Security and Medicare; corporate crony capitalism run amok; a vicious, anti-environmental agenda; war, war and more war; budget deficits forever? I know, what a party huh? Almost makes me want to scream “macaca” or something! Heh.


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