Paul Ryan, Media Love Child, Empty Suit


    Paul Ryan as a “credible” candidate is a fabrication of the media.  They seem to love the guy.  When the first things uttered on NPR about the man included useless and meaningless factoids including that he was a “prom king,” you have to wonder what they are trying to pull on the American people. Serious? Whom are they kidding?

    Add Oscar Myer Weinermobile, bare-chested photos, etc.

    Paul Ryan is a man of little accomplishment. How does a complete failure of a Congressman, one who only got two bills passed in 13 years (with one of them being just the renaming of a local Post Office) become “serious.” But if you have heard anything from the breathless media discussing Ryan it is no doubt that he is a serious candidate.

    With no evidence of such “seriousness” whatsoever, one media hack after another repeated the mantra. Yet as Paul Krugman has shown, he is anything but serious. As Krugman says the suggestion is that regardless of whether or not you agree with him, you must respect him. But, as Krugman illustrates Paul is really a “triumph of style over substance.”

    Ryan is not an expert on the economy.  He only plays one on TV. How does a person who predicates his entire public policy on the ideas of Ayn Rand (and then recently scurries to deny that), get taken seriously?  He is so gullible, ignorant, ideological as to believe a novelist deserves “credit” for economic theory. Ryan therefore disqualifies himself as a “serious” candidate. But he is much worse than unserious.  Paul Ryan’s entire proposals are fraudulent and cruel.

    There is not a single economic claim he makes which adds up. Instead he promotes signature ideas of the Koch brothers and Peter Peterson’s American’s for Prosperity.  These form the basis for the Tea Party (and a few whose so-called “radical centrism” is more like capitulation to the forces of Big Oil and the ever greedy Robber Barrons). Ryan’s deficit hawkishness is also a ruse.  His plan would increase the deficit.  

    Paul Ryan’s inclusion of a draconian cap as a proportion of GDP is nothing but a plan to force needless austerity on Americans to give the rich a huge tax cut.  It is immoral.  All the while 99% of American lives would be turned upside down.  And Ryan just wants them to roll over and play dead while Ryan destroys them. Even the Catholic bishops, who like his so-called pro-choice stance, have called him out on this.  Yet Ryan hypocritically feigns religiousity, even daring to claim he now follows St. Thomas Aquinas, not Rand. The man is a joke.

    He’d eliminate federal programs like food stamps, unemployment insurance, housing subsidies, Medicaid, the Department of Education, protections of all kinds (air, water, parks).

    Besides trying to gut Medicare by taking money out of the system via vouchers to those currently under 55 when they become 65. He knows this is a de-fund of traditional Medicare and yet he keeps lying.  Then with pants-on-fire, unbelievable gall claims the President Obama deceives on Medicare.  President has not.  

    Ryan and his buddy Sen Akins of Missouri (Mr. “Legitimate Rape”) voted for and were lead advocates for the “let women die” law, which would keep a dying woman from getting the medical care she needs if it would  endanger the worshipped potential life of the fetus. Ryan cruelty applies rape victims as well, pretending that women who are drugged or not seriously injured are not really raped.  The implication tof their parsing is that (some) women lie.  Does Ryan and his buddy from Missouri hear themselves?  And why are we not hearing demands than Paul Ryan step aside?

    But he has also lied every single time he makes a claim about President Obama.  He has lied about reforms to the Medicare program.  Obama has NOT cut benefits, but sharply reduced overpayments which, reducing fraud and abuse, instituting best practices, and more.  Even most honest Republicans would agree these changes needed to be made.  

    And after all the fabrications, Ryan/Romney are trying to paint themselves “biaprtisans” willing to reach across the aisle.  That claim derives complete mockery.  Since President Obama took office, Paul Ryan has obstructed at every term. .  And  


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