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Schmookler Picks Up AFL-CIO Endorsement


Andy Schmookler, Democratic nominee for Virginia’s 6th District, has announced that he has earned the endorsement of the Virginia chapter of the AFL-CIO.

“I am proud to stand as an ally to organized labor,” says Schmookler. “America is strongest when it has a vibrant middle class. Organized labor played a big role in achieving that in the America I grew up in by creating a better balance of power between giant corporations and the Americans who work for them. The America I believe in is not one where the middle class is being hollowed out in order to give still more to those who have the most. And that kind of Reverse Robin Hood policy is what my opponent, the 20-year incumbent Bob Goodlatte, has consistently voted for.”

Schmookler is running against incumbent Bob Goodlatte on a platform of making our politics honest so that government is again “for the people and by the people.” He stands for all American having the opportunity to make the most of their potential, and is honored to have the endorsement of an important representative of America’s working men and women.


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