CNN Fact Check’s Romney’s “Welfare” Ad, Finds it 100% FALSE


    Other than being a classic Lee Atwater-style “dog whistle” (in this case, essentially, “hey white people, that black guy in the White House wants more black people to get on welfare!!!”), it’s also been shown over and over again to be completely false. In fact, several governors, including Republicans, requested more flexibility for their states on welfare-to-work requirements – e.g, “they want to spend less time on federal paperwork and more time experimenting with what they hope will be better ways of getting people connected to jobs.” In response, the Administration “granted waivers from some of the existing rules” for those states. And the issue here is…??? Right, none, except that pathological liar Willard “Mitt” Romney’s trying to make a dog-whistle-style issue out of it, in an attempt to rev up white, working-class voters’ anger levels against, you know, THOSE people.


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