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This Week’s Media Hall of Shame: And the Winners Are…


It’s getting ugly out there. When it comes to the media, voters don’t know whom to trust. It’s no wonder, what with the disgusting dissembling by  Republicans and their financial enablers sponsoring a bilge-storm of disinformation. But  possibly the worst are those in the corporate and local media who front for the GOP lies or give them a free pass to deceive by asking them no meaningful questions whatsoever. They are useful tools, who spread the bilge even further.  

And so this Friday (and every Friday thereafter–until I get tired of it) I will announce the winners (or losers, as the case may be). of the label “The Worst of the Worst This Week.” Today, it’s a three-way tie.   The Trio of Mockworthiness is: 1) Jonathan Karl of ABC, 2) the entire national NPR team “news” team, and 3) local NBC-12 “reporter” Ryan Nobles.  Here’s why…

1. Jonathan Karl. See this diary for an explanation.

2. National Propaganda (err, Public) Radio’s Morning Edition, for continuing to deliver stories by multiple “reporters” pretending over and over, as recently as this morning, that the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Koch Brothers-funded hell-hole of a pretend “think tank,” is the last and greatest word on economic stories. What they are is a propaganda mill. After all the deception and propagandizing, by AEI, for “balance,” NPR brings in a spokesperson from the Kaiser Foundation? They have got to be kidding.

The only reason I listen to NPR any more is to chronicle how truly horrid that so-called radio network is. But too many supposed progressives still keep writing them checks, while failing to note that corporate (think BIG OIL and GAS lobbies, ADM,  and others) underwrite much of the programming. NPR is no more responsive to listeners than the SCOTUS is at protecting Americans from unconstitutional corporate excesses and “Citizens United.” Guests from Americans for Prosperity and American Enterprise Institute, both funded by the Koch brothers and the latter also funded by multi-billionaire Peter Peterson, are among the most-frequently-appearing on NPR.

Its entire morning explicit business coverage (Planet Money), and well as most of its coverage of the economy, other areas overlapping the economy, and campaign “reporting” are polluted by the very people who want to force Mitt the Twitt into office. They whitewash Mitt’s joke of a VP candidate, do-nothing (2 bills in 13 years and one of them was to rename a post office branch) Ayn Rand-worshipping idiot, Paul Ryan, who cannot even distinguish a novel from an economics text and now belatedly tries to distance himself from Rand. Instead, they tell us he was a prom king and other inanities.  These air-wave propagandists  back up the Koch brothers, Peter Peterson, the TeaParty-infested hyper-reactionary, radical “conservative” drown-government-in-a-bathtub-types.

NPR’s Morning Edition, hang your collective heads in shame. You’re FAUX News with white gloves. You all might as well sign on to be FAUX News contributors, along with Mara Liasson. Just as the forces of Gingrich-ites took it over NPR in the 1990s, AFP and AEI spokespeople are among the most frequently occurring guests today.  

3. Ryan Nobles, NBC-12 (What a Tool!)

In an interview with Ryan Nobles, every single sentence out of Romney’s mouth was untrue. Meanwhile, Ryan Nobles was probably just too, oh! so proud of himself, to do a real job of questioning the job-offshoring, tax-avoiding pretender, whose business practices are part of the problems we face and not the solution.  

But Nobles let the lies go or tossed softballs in lieu of real questions. Nothing in Romney’s remarks holds up. Mr. Nobles, why don’t you just sign onto the Romney campaign? Romney’s “this is a very different time” was as vacuous a response as any pol has ever uttered. A longer refutation of his drivel follows. Stay tuned…


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