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Video: McDonnell’s “Dear Friend” Pat Robertson Says Gay Rights Advocates Should “Shut Their Mouth”


Just a few days ago, theocratic whackjob Pat Robertson was foaming at the mouth about how, supposedly, “satanic” atheists were responsible for the shootings at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Now, as if that wasn’t disgusting and offensive enough, the demented old coot’s ranting and raving once again, this time about how GLBT Americans not happy with Chik Fil-A’s anti-GLBT bigotry should “shut their mouth,” and also yammering about how gays are “the reasons why land will vomit out its inhabitants.” WTF?!?

So, my question for today is simple: does Bob McDonnell agree with his “dear friend” Pat Robertson on this one, or what? How about the Republican Party of Virginia, to which Robertson has given about $150,000 over the years (in addition to $100,000+ to “Bobby” McDonnell, as “Pat” calls him; $10,000 or so to George Allen; etc.)?

The bottom line here is that Pat Robertson has engaged in hate speech against many groups – ranging from women to Muslims to Hindust to “Episcopalians and the Presbyterians and the Methodists” – for decades now, yet leading Virginia Republicans continue to embrace him, take his money, solicit his political support, etc. Why is this in any way acceptable? Oh, and why isn’t a far, far closer connection to Pat Robertson by Bob McDonnell, George Allen, etc. not at least as serious as Barack Obama’s connection to Jeremiah Wright, especially when “Bobby” is being considered for VP by “Mitt?” Hello media?


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