Video Flashback: 6 Years Ago, Steve Jarding Rips George Allen for Being a “Mean-Spirited” “Bully”


    Great stuff by Steve Jarding on Chris Matthews, 6 years ago today (from the Raising Kaine archives):

    *Jarding mocks the Allen campaign for trying to play the “martyr” over the “macaca” incident.

    *Jarding strongly refutes the notion that Allen’s a nice guy: “You watch that [macaca] tape, that’s not a nice guy…He’s a bully. He’s a mean-spirited man.”

    *Jarding says the “macaca” incident reveals the “true personality of George Allen,” that he’s “not this nice guy he’s cultivated…this whole cowboy shtick…this whole, ‘I’m likeable.’ That tape, there was nothing likeable on it.”

    Jarding was 100% correct back in 2006, and there’s absolutely zero reason to believe that Allen’s changed in any way in 2012.  

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