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Want Some Good News?


(Update: intrade is already up from the number below.  It is now 55.9%.)

I know, the Pants-on-Fire GOP barrage is getting old. It may even have gotten you down.  Who could blame you?  The lies have been coming so quicly, it’s hard to have the airtime to refute them all. That’s by design. GOP spokespersons and candidates are just throwing XXXX at the wall and hoping some sticks.

Having no ideas, except budget busting tax cuts and failed trickle-down economics, at this point, the GOP cares only about winning at any cost. And already tracking as the biggest liar ever to run for president, Romney deserves unfavorability even higher than 49%. Put another way, half of Americans have a negative view of him. That data point makes me feel a bit better. But, despite  that, I still have been dispirited.

And then I thought, hmmm, I’ll see what Intrade has to say. And it brought a smile to my face.  InTrade says there’s a 55.6% Obama will win. Then, I went to Nate Silver’s site 538.  And the news was even better. Before I say the number, remember how well Intrade and Nate Silver have predicted the last presidential election. They did better than the “polls.” So, with that, here ’tis (below the fold):

Obama has a 69.3% chance of winning.

Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer said he almost feels sorry for the Republicans. I don’t.  They reap what they sow. And what they sow deserves a stern rebuke and outright rejection at the polls.  

Still, we should not be complacent.  The lies will keep coming for us to refute.  The vote suppression efforts won’t stop.  And corporate money will keep on making a joke of SCOTUS and a mockery of our election systems and tarnish our standing as a beacon of democracy. There is still much to do.  So, have you;

*Donated this past month?

*Done something this week to help Democrats win?

*Talked to (at least) 10 people about why you are voting for Barack Obama, and/or

*Volunteered for a campaign office yet?

*Followed Michelle Obama’s request to bring 1 more person to your local HQ to volunteer?

*Made a “find” among GOP lies, mis-statements etc and fact-checked it?

There’s just a little over two months left. There is nothing like a GOP convention to fire us up and make us ready to go.  



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