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Covert Audios from Romney Fundraiser Give a Glimpse of the Real Willard, and It’s Not Pretty


Listen to Romney as he speaks candidly to super-rich, right-wingnut donors (all the while assuming it’s off the record, when in fact it’s being secretly audiotaped), about a variety of subjects, revealing himself to be as bad, or worse, than we ever thought. A few adjectives about Romney spring to mind from listening to these audios (more on the “flip”): callous, crazy, bigoted, ruthless, calculating/conniving, clueless, corporate tool, etc. What do you think?

P.S. I just added more audios courtesy of David Corn at Mother Jones. Romney’s really a piece of work…


    CHICAGO – “It’s shocking that a candidate for President of the United States would go behind closed doors and declare to a group of wealthy donors that half the American people  view themselves as ‘victims,’ entitled to handouts, and are unwilling to take ‘personal responsibility’ for their lives.  It’s hard to serve as president for all Americans when you’ve disdainfully written off half the nation.” – Jim Messina, Obama for America Campaign Manager

  • aznew

    thinking that they are actually ENTITLED to things like health care, food and housing.

    No wonder we are a nation on the decline.

  • Every single person who’s dependent on the government would trade places with someone who’s self-sufficient in a second. No one who’s self-sufficient would trade their job for dependence on a government check. And anyone who’s been dependent on the government but is now self-sufficient would murder you in cold blood if you told them they had to go back.

    So why does anyone let guys like Romney pretend otherwise?

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The sad truth is that a certain segment of Republicans, especially the wealthiest ones, believe exactly what Willard was stating. There is a disdain that borders on hatred of those who are less fortunate among us. There is a vicious jealousy of any benefit received by anyone who isn’t of their class. This is the real class warfare in America.  

  • “Mitt Romney wants to help all Americans struggling in the Obama economy. As the governor has made clear all year, he is concerned about the growing number of people who are dependent on the federal government, including the record number of people who are on food stamps, nearly one in six Americans in poverty, and the 23 million Americans who are struggling to find work. Mitt Romney’s plan creates 12 million new jobs in four years, grows the economy and moves Americans off of government dependency and into jobs.” – Gail Gitcho, Romney Campaign Communications Director

  • Hahahahahahaha.

    h/t: The Atlantic