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Fairfax Democrats Launch Multilingual Voter Protection Initiative


From the Fairfax County Democratic Committee:

  2815 Hartland Road, Suite 11o            Falls Church, VA 22043                   703.573.6811

Chair Cesar del Aguila               Treasurer Nadja Golding 

Contact: Frank O. Anderson, Exec. Director                                                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

703.573.6811      frank@fairfaxdemocrats.org                                                            September 26, 2012

Fairfax Democrats Launch Multilingual Voter Protection Initiative

 Critical Information Available in Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Arabic 

FALLS CHURCH, Virginia – The Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) announced today the launch of a multi-media campaign to inform all Virginia voters about recently changed voting requirements.  

“We want voters in Fairfax County and throughout Virginia to know that whatever languages are spoken in their home, they have a partner and a voice in the Democratic Party,” said FCDC Chair Cesar del Aguila. “This initiative is our response to the voter suppression actions taken by Virginia’s Republican-dominated state government that have changed the rules for voting in our state.”

Videos in Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese and English are posted on the FairfaxCountyDems YouTube Channel. Brochures in those languages, plus Chinese and Arabic, as well as other critical information on the how citizens can protect their vote are posted on the FairfaxDemocrats.org website under “Vote.” Outreach efforts are underway in all of these communities.

Interview Opportunities Available

FCDC Chair Cesar del Aguilar, as well as individuals who can speak to the Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese media, are available for interviews. Contact FCDC Executive Director Frank O. Anderson at 703.573.6811 or 703.398-2038.  

About FCDC

As the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Fairfax County arm, FCDC promotes the principles of the Democratic Party and works to elect Democratic Candidates to local and national office. With over 600 active members, FCDC is the largest Democratic committee in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Visit us our website at FairfaxDemocrats.org. Join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


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