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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines for Wednesday, September 26.

*Poll: Obama opens substantial leads in key swing states (Obama leads in: Ohio 53%-43%, Florida 53%-44%, and Pennsylvania 54%-42%).

*Romney’s bad math (“The many flaws at the heart of his tax plan.”)

*In Chesterfield, Biden makes appeal to middle class

*Mr. Obama’s refreshing defense of free speech

*Obama decries extremism (Sadly, it’s not just in the Middle East, it’s in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.)

*Meyerson: The GOP redistributes to the wealthy

*Schapiro: Va.’s challenging math for Romney

*Va. officials to spend $2M on voter ID compliance

*Kaine targeted by anonymous, illegal text messages to Hampton Roads cell phones

*Allen camp seizes on Kaine’s taxation remark (So, Allen’s essentially attacking his party’s presidential candidate, got it.)

*‘No drama’ Kaine on defensive after tax gaffe (“Party strategist: Short shelf life”)

*Kaine, Allen spar over taxes in Va. Senate race

*Firefighters’ Union Endorses Tim Kaine for Senate

*Kaine Visits Oakton to Rev Up Volunteers

*CNU revises protest policy after Paul Ryan rally controversy

*For Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, blurred lines on fundraising (How on earth can this homophobic, demented freak be an elected official?!?)

*Va. GOP orders affiliate to remove offensive Obama photos

*Editorial: The fun is gone from football (“Fans should turn off TVs and leave stadium seats empty until the NFL and referees make nice.”)

*Editorial: Don’t strand rural transit riders (“A proposed change in the state funding formula would double Blacksburg aid while slashing support for RADAR and Radford.”)

*Tunnel headaches for 5 more years

*Portsmouth bans tethering dogs longer than 3 hours

*Nationals vs. Phillies: Philadelphia gets to Ross Detwiler, helps keep Washington’s magic number at 5


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