Media Flunkie of the Week: NBC’s Chuck Todd


    For a perfect example of the duplicity of the bend-over-backwards media, much of which will still not call out Mitt Romney for his abusive statements about ordinary Americans, take a look at Chuck Todd’s exercise in false equivalence, or just click the video above.  Disgusting.  Far be it from him to “take sides” (though he piles on to the president at will).  He gives new meaning to the word apologist.  The man makes bending over an art form.  

    Chuck Todd is the biggest overachiever in media today. His analyses typically are a matter of reading and interpreting the polls, as if anyone else cannot read  But somehow, for reasons difficult to compute, he rose to a position of influence on national TV.  

    Mitt’s rant masked more than one important fact, not the least of them was this: Many of those paying no taxes were actually people like him who weren’t paying their fair share.  Of all those paying no taxes, they are the only sycophants.  And Mitt is no better. Having avoided his fair share in taxes by off-shoring his profits, Romney has a lot of nerve bad mouthing hardworking Americans whose wages have been ratcheted down by vultures like Mitt Romney. Many of those not paying taxes pay none because they don’t make enough!  Remember it was Anne Romney who said if they released their tax returns it would give others ammunition to use against him. Ya think?

    Does Todd take apart the statements and correct them?  No. Does he go after Romney’s hypocrisy and duplicity? No. In the face of the outrageous statements of Mitt Romney, while expressing opinions many a time (in Todd’s case it’s nearly always his opinion), yesterday, neither Chuck Todd nor Brian Williams would actually deal with the underlying facts of Romney’s distorted and nasty statement. A “fact check” came today, but Chuck Todd didn’t do it.

    But yesterday, Todd pretends they all do it.  No they don’t, Chuck. I name you the media flunkie of the week. PS I pay income taxes and I am offended by Romney’s statement about Americans who do not make enough to pay income tax.  He has no business giving them grief.


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