Mitt Romney, Off-Shorer, Outsourcer, and Tax Avoider


    Here is the man who rails about those who do not pay any income tax. This is the gloating of the very man who would raise taxes on the poorest people of the nation. But Mitt’s fellow one-percenters are part of that 47% he talks about.  And don’t forget those with less income who do not owe income tax pay other taxes.

    Maddow is doing a show right now giving examples of GOP governors trying to raise (or have raised) taxes on the poor to give tax cuts to the rich. Maddow says there is a reason the GOP and Romney campaign will not retract Mitt’s statement. And Rachel points out that Mitt is asserting that there is something wrong with people who are in the 47%. Look at the video and ask what’s wrong with whom.

    The leaked slam of the nation’s 47% is worse than arrogant and stupid, as Bill Kristol called it. It is what Mitt and the GOP think and they are proud of it. Mitt Romney disdains and despised half of Americans. There is absolutely nothing Mitt Romney can do to redeem himself at this point. Mitt Romney is the worst candidate for president ever.  


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