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  • Tom

    Now I have to watch every single game, day or night. And I even have to keep switching TV channels when they are playing at the same time as Redskins. I just don’t have any time left for politics until after I recover from what I hope will be a huge World Series championship.

    I really did drop out of most of the stuff I’d planned to be doing on the Kaine campaign, but with George Allen suddenly managing to move himself into a 6% poll deficit and now settling on “I can repeat my no-tax increase b.s. and win because I don’t have anything else left to lie about” mantra, I think Tim can manage just fine without me until the World Series is over.

    This is the first time in decades that I’ve had any real interest in major league baseball, but now we have two really good pro teams in the Redskins and the Nats. And I think the Nationals and the Redskins will be going to their respective playoffs for years. Too bad I can’t say anything positive about the Wizards, but two out of three isn’t bad (no comment about the Capitols, I’m not much of a hockey fan).

    There must be some way we could transfer the Nats success business model to the DPVA. Oh, there is and we can … just replace the “leadership” with real leadership. If the people we “hire” don’t produce, fire them and replace them with people who can/will. DPVA re-org/election of new officers is coming up next year and we need to be ready with a willing and able candidate we can all support.

    OOPS ! Sorry,Lowell. I drifted right back into the politics mode. Bad habits are damn hard to break. I’m with you – screw politics, there are some things more important than politics (unless the Romney tries to buy the Nats and sell them to India or China).