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To the South: Pat McCrory Wants to Make NC’s Roads Like Virginia’s (and Worse)


Republican Candidate for North Carolina’s Governorship, Pat McCrory is anything if not concise.  He really has no plan or program, nada.  

The darling of what has become the TeaPartyGOP of North Carolina wants to do two things:

1) Cut North Carolina taxes by up to 11 billion (more than half of all revenue) and

2) Mine the wealth “under our feat and off our shores.”  

That’s it. Slash, drill and frack. And he is ahead in the polls.  

Ladies and Gentlemen,  it has come to this. The party of Eisenhower wants to obliterate  not just the federal government, but also state government (didn’t these same guys argue not so long ago that the states should run just about everything and the fed should stay out?)

McGrory, it runs out is also jealous of the cheap budgets for roads in Virginia.  He thinks NC can get a better deal. I doubt he has actually driven in Virginia much. He probably flies in. But he really intends to drown state government in the  proverbial bathtub too.

Additionally, Pat McCrory will not come clean about his background, whom his law office worked for, whom (if anyone he has lobbied on behalf of). with respect to his taxes, he has released less information than Mitt Romney. It should nto be allowed.

On top of that, as the former mayor of Charlotte, he claims he was responsibility for what Democratic governor’s brought to the state: the banks and other companies coming to NC’s largest city and to its capitol region. He wants to take credit for the economic prosperity in NC over recent years despite the fact that he was the (institutionally weak) mayor of Charlotte.  (The city manager runs the city and the mayor really doesn’t do all that much.)

If you want to know how far out this guy is, consider that Scott Walker has been here campaigning for him.

McCrory ran against now Governor Bev Perdue in 2008, but didn’t even get the vote in the city where he was mayor (sounds like Mitt Romney and the state of MA, doesn’t it?). Yet here we are…

Our guy, Walter Dalton got a late start running because Gov Bev Perdue decided late that she would not run for re-election. So Dalton’s fundraising has been handicapped by the short time-frame. Yet, this race couldn’t be more important.

It is sobering, really. The great state of NC might just vote itself out of its greatness.  That would be more than a shame.  Given his junk “plan” for North Carolina’s future, it is just plain pathetic that this guy has any “cred” with voters at all.

Hope BV-ers will tune in and consider a donation to Walter Dalton.  (I will note that just before moving to NC early last spring, yours truly donated to Tim Kaine).


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