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Video: Maddow Calls Out Ryan for Appearing at Conference with Extremists. Rest of Media Silent.


Check out Rachel Maddow, starting at 9:45 of this video, in which she “[calls] out Paul Ryan for speaking at the Values Voter Summit and lending credibility to the bigotry and pure crazy on display at the conference.”

Maddow paid particular attention to three anti-Muslim activists that we regularly cover – Jerry Boykin, Kamal Saleem and Frank Gaffney. As I said yesterday, the Values Voter Summit is making a mockery of diplomacy and the threat of terrorism by featuring Saleem, who has made a career for himself as a fake former terrorist, and Boykin and Gaffney, who are leading forces behind the Huma Abedin smear and helped spark anti-American protests in Egypt.

So, where’s the supposed “liberal media” on this huge story? Is it front-page news, as it would be if Joe Biden spoke at a conference featuring Jeremiah Wright, Communists, Anarchists, etc? Far from it. Instead, so far, the so-called “liberal media” has basically blacked out this conference, with all its extremists and nutjobs, despite the fact that speakers have included the Republicans’ VP nominee and their House Majority Leader (Eric Can’tor). Fascinating, huh? But yeah, it’s still the “liberal media,” don’t forget that.

  • Of course, Bauer – while calling out “welfare recipients” (racist dog whistle, anyone?!?) – ignores the massive CORPORATE welfare going to Romney’s supporters – Big Oil, etc. Just remember, welfare’s fine for Republicans as long as it goes to their crony capitalist friends. If it goes to working people, it’s EVIL incarnate, socialism I tell you! Whatever.