Video: Obama Campaign Takes on Romney’s “Are you better off” Big Lie Head On


    Good for the Obama campaign, it’s about time they hit back in advertising against Romney’s repeated Big Lie, that we’re not better off than we were when Barack Obama took office. In fact, as I explained in detail here, we are far, FAR better off today than when Barack Obama took office. Just to give one example: in January 2009, Bush’s last month in office, our economy was hemmoraging more than 800,000 jobs per month. Today, we have been gaining jobs month after month for almost 3 years. Yeah, I’d say that’s better off. Also, the stock market is WAYYYY up from when Obama took office, like DOUBLE what it was then. The auto industry is back, the housing market is recovering, etc, etc. I mean, it’s hard to think of one way in which we’re NOT better off than we were in Bush’s final months in office. Thus, what Romney’s been saying is a Big Lie – repeat it often enough, and at least some people will believe it. But it’s still a lie.


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