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Allen Press Release: Shhhh…. We don’t want to talk about women’s issues publicly!


From the Kaine campaign:


Kaine for Virginia
September 14, 2012 

Kaine for Virginia Press Office
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Allen Press Release:  Shhhh…. We don't want to talk about women's issues publicly!

Richmond, VA – Today, in response to a new radio ad that contrasts Tim Kaine and George Allen's positions on women's economic and health issues, the Allen campaign sent out a scathing press release arguing that these issues were irrelevant to the women of Virginia.
“Virginia women deserve better and are looking for a leader who understands their priorities of jobs, education and more affordable food, fuel and housing for their families,” the Allen release stated.
We agree that Virginia women don't want leaders who would campaign on restricting their ability to make their own health care decisions.
So why is George Allen?
After all, he has an entire section of his campaign website dedicated to it…

…and he sent out a mail piece on it, last year!

And if he wants to focus on women's economic interests, then why does he vote against them?

  •  George Allen voted against the Family Medical Leave Act — a family and economic issue.
  • George Allen refuses to support measures to give equal pay to women — a family and economic issue.
  • George Allen would allow employers to deny health care coverage to women employees for mammograms and contraception — a family and economic issue.
  • George Allen supports national personhood legislation to define life as beginning at conception that could outlaw some forms of birth control — a family and economic issue.


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