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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, September 30.

*Poll Averages Have No History of Consistent Partisan Bias (By the way, Nate Silver’s model now has President Obama with an 83.8% chance of reelection. His “Now-cast” has Obama at 98.0%. Now is the time, in other words, to pour it on!)

*Gwen Ifill debunks five myths about presidential debates (“Gallup polls going back decades show precious little shift in established voter trends before and after debates.”)

*Ross Douthat: Why Obama Is Winning (“Romney’s dismissal of the government-dependent 47 percent suggests a fatal misunderstanding of what should be his mission – namely, to persuade precisely those Americans clinging, understandably, to government programs in tough times to choose the risks of further change over the temporary security of stasis.”)

*The World We’re Actually Living In (As opposed to the fantasy world Romney and his neoconservative foreign policy advisers THINK we’re living in.)

*Obama returns to Virginia on Friday

*Schapiro: Born fighting, Webb lives for it

*Flaccavento, Webb address Democrats in Scott County

*Virginia Senate contest could pivot on defense issues

*Mark Shields: Sen. Jim Webb, an American Original, Leaves Voluntarily (“Washington doesn’t understand how much it will miss the Virginia Democrat”)

*Warner on gov race: ‘One thing at a time’

*Kaine offers help on grading project

*NRA Endorses George Allen (As if it’s not bad enough that Allen’s a puppet of the dirty energy folks, he’s also a puppet of the “happiness is a warm gun” people. Wonderful.)

*McDonnell will address GOP in Iowa on Oct. 24

*ELECTION 2012: Virginia’s 7th District

*Two pennies for the schools

*As shortfall looms, Virginia Beach reconsiders revenue-sharing formula

*Goodlatte, Schmookler to debate (“The two candidates seeking to represent the Valley’s 6th Congressional district have agreed to a series of three debates next month.”)

*Sunday’s weather: Mostly sunny; high near 74

*Fairfax wants to pick airports board members

*GenOn power plant to shut down (Good riddance.)

*A heartening victory for the Nats

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