Wanna Go Shootin’ with Ken Cuccinelli, “various assault weapons…with silencers?”


    Does this sound like a fun time to you? If so, you can join Ken Cuccinelli – who, incredibly (and horrifyingly) wants to be governor of Virginia – and a bunch of other like-minded folks on October 13. Wait, you don’t think this sounds like a fun time? Well, then, you apparently are in 100% agreement with State Senator Mark Herring (D-Loudoun), who is running for Virginia Attorney General next year. Here’s what Sen. Herring thinks of this event, and Ken Cuccinelli’s enthusiastic participation in it:

    When he’s not busy bullying the Board of Health into making health decisions for women, Ken Cuccinelli is helping raising cash with his allies by firing submachine guns with anyone who is willing to pay $2,500. This is what our Attorney General is focused on and this is why we need a change in the office.

    Yes, we most certainly do need a change in the Attorney General’s office. As the Washington Post wrote in an editorial this morning (Ken Cuccinelli bullies a state board into surrender), in just three years, Cuccinelli “has demeaned his office by using it as a blatantly partisan bully pulpit to attack Obamacare, illegal immigrants, homosexuals and climate-change scientists.” He’s also “ignore[d] the example of former Virginia attorneys general of both parties who resigned to run rather than politicize the office.” Of course, as the Post pointed out, “In the Cuccinelli worldview, rendering dispassionate legal advice takes a back seat to agenda-pushing.” Next year, Virginians will have a chance to change all that, to return the Attorney General’s office to the professional, (mostly, at least) apolitical office it’s supposed to be, one that fights for Virginians’ safety, health, environment, civil rights, and well-being in general. In other words, everything that Ken Cuccinelli hasn’t done the past 3 years.

    P.S. For the rest of the invitation, including more details on this fun (?) event, see the “flip.”


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