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Video: President Obama Sees “Hard-Working Virginians,” Not Romney’s Moochers, in Woodbridge


What would Romney tell these people, that they’re corporations? That they need to stop receiving Medicare and Social Security, or they’re a bunch of bums? Thank goodness President Obama is the one in the White House, not Willard “Mitt” Romney. Over the next 45 days, let’s work hard to make sure he STAYS in the White House for another four years!

I don’t believe we can get very far with leaders who write off half the nation as a bunch of victims who think that they’re not interested in taking responsibility for their own lives. I don’t see a lot of victims in this crowd today. I see hard-working Virginians.

Some of you may be students, trying to work your way through college. Some of you may be single moms like my mom, working overtime to see if you can provide a better life for your kids. Some of you might be senior citizens who have been saving your whole life for your retirement. Some of you may be veterans who served this country bravely, soldiers who defend our freedom today.

Nobody believes that anyone’s entitled to success in this country. We don’t believe government should help people who refuse to help themselves.

But we do believe in something called opportunity. We believe in a country where hard work pays off. Where responsibility is rewarded. Where everybody gets a fair shot, and everybody is doing their fair share, and everybody plays by the same rules.

That’s the country we believe in, that’s what I believe in, that’s why I’m running for a second term as president.


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