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BREAKING: Stemberg Case Unsealed; Testimony Said to Reveal Mitt Lied in Court


A Massachusetts judge has unsealed the divorce case of Tom v Maureen Stemberg. Transcripts will be forthcoming.  Meanwhile, a good deal is already known.  As this article reveals, Mitt lied under oath to benefit a friend and business associate.

When Willard Mittens Romney meddles in people’s marriages, as he did when a bishop of the Mormon Church, he’d go to the home of the family and order them to do as he declared they must. That is abuse of  power. And that is bad enough. But it is a different thing all together when Mittens goes to court and lies under oath to screw his friend’s wife in divorce court by claiming the company (Staples) was worth less than it was. Then Mitt and Tom Stemberg went to Goldman Sachs and got much more for it.

This case matters because it goes to Mitt Romney’s honesty, credibility and character. It also matters because Tom Stemberg gave a speech at the RNC convention and advises Mitt Romney on health care, the cruel irony of which is found below. Bain Capital had invested in Staples. Mitt sat on Staples Board of Directors. It also matters that Mr. Stemberg, Staples CEO, is a spokesperson on the campaign trail for Mitt Romney. But there is more. While at the same time advising Willard Mittens Romney on health care issues, Stemberg canceled his wife’s health insurance policy, despite the fact that she had cancer and MS.

Notice the double standard. The Romneys played for sympathy for Ann Romney. But it’s ironic that Ann Romney claimed she needs a tax-deductible horse because of her MS, while another sufferer of the very same disease and cancer should be screwed out of what was hers because of Mitt’s lies.  And when Mitt’s very own health adviser, Tom Stemberg, canceled his sick wife’s health insurance to punish her in the divorce proceedings, there is something really ugly going on. Yes, there is evil in the world. And that evil is purposely harming others.


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