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Douglass for Congress Campaign Donates $4,600 to “Keep the Ban” Anti-Uranium-Mining Group


The John Douglass for Congress campaign has issued a statement (see below) on this story, which points out that Douglass, who has relentlessly (and correctly!) criticized Rep. Robert Hurt (pictured at right, looking like he’s drinking uranium tailings or something – heh) for his massive conflict of interest regarding uranium mining in the district, “received $4,250 in campaign donations from executives with United States Enrichment Corp. from October 2011 through September 2012.”

General Douglass’s campaign is putting our money where our mouth is to stop dangerous uranium mining in Virginia by donating $4,600 to a leading “Keep the Ban” charitable organization, an amount equivalent to contributions from Douglass’s former Navy colleagues who happen to work with US Enrichment Corp. Now if Corporate Congressman Hurt is serious about this issue, it’s time for him to categorically oppose uranium mining near residential communities, support a federal ban in Congress and give up his campaign contributions from Virginia Uranium investors — and while he’s at it, give up his $14,000 from Goldman Sachs, “a major proponent of privatizing social security.”

Of course, Hurt is NOT serious about this issue, certainly not in the sense that he’s “serious” about protecting the people of his district, the environment, or anything but his own corporate buddies and bottom line. Meanwhile, John Douglass did exactly the right thing, and deserves applause for doing so. Quite a contrast with empty suit/corporate crony Robert Hurt!