“O Cantor, Where Art Thou?” Notes from the Road: Mineral


    We just finished our third stop on the “O Cantor, Where Art Thou?” Tour, and we’re ready for more! We just pulled out of the Walton Park in the great town of Mineral, Virginia.

    Refreshments were provided by the Louisa Democratic Committee. Any extra energy was provided by Dr. Ralph Stanley and his Clinch Mountain Boys. And they produced that in abundance!

    The boys put on quite a show on that old-fashioned, wooden stage, surprising the folks with an impromptu performance of the fan-favorite “Man of Constant Sorrow.” Wayne’s spirited speech brought the whole event home, hitting Cantor hard for his refusal to help the people of Louisa following the earthquake that damaged local schools and businesses.

    We’re more than halfway done with the tour, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. This tour is, and always has been, about you, the People of the 7th District. We answer to you and no one else.

    We’re currently on the road to Goochland. See you there!



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