Douglass Needs To Explain


    In a previous post, I read with interest comments attributed to Air Force Brigadier General Douglass regarding his “preparing and sending soldiers into harms way” and “how difficult it was to tell those young 18- and 19-year old soldiers to “lock and load,” and “son, get out there on point,” knowing they might not return because they could be harmed.

    As a retired combat Marine who served as a company commander in Viet Nam, I relate to those comments and certainly respect anyone who has been in that position of responsibility. Knowing that Douglass (or at least his staff) is a regular contributor to Blue Virginia, I respectfully request that Douglass clarify his comments.

    BGen. Douglass’s official Air Force bio, his AIA bio as well as Wikipedia and his campaign bio all fail to mention any combat experience. In fact, the closest to a combat theatre was his 1967 assignment to Mactan Air Force Base in the Philippines as a base procurement officer – a non-combat supply officer assignment.  Additionally, Douglass’s personal decorations do not include any Viet Nam individual or service awards.

    Douglass’s comments of “lock and load,” and “son, get out there on point” make for good reading but are not normally attributed to Air Force supply officers who have not served in combat billets. Wikipedia lists under the battles/wars section, both the Viet Nam and Gulf wars. Perhaps Douglass could explain his participation in those two wars especially since during the Viet Nam war he was either in the Philippines, in schools or in the continental United States. During the Gulf war he was in Brussels.  

    His AIA bio states: “While on active duty he was assigned as a contracting officer, an engineering officer, a test and evaluation officer, a program control officer and a research director.” None were combat assignments. BGen. Douglass has had a distinguished career both as an Air Force procurement officer and as a civilian. However, he is not the “warrior” that he would like us to believe. Perhaps Douglass could explain…

    Douglass is a much more attractive candidate than Robert Hurt and I certainly am not a member of the “Swift Boat” crowd; however, I am troubled by Douglass’s wrapping himself in the uniform and giving us the impression that he is something that he is not. With his exceptional resume’ and his obvious desire to continue service to Virginia and our country, I sincerely hope that he is successful in November and hope that he will drop this unfortunate need to present himself as the “warrior” that he is not.    


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