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Flaccavento Pledges Investment in Real Job Creators


(One thing’s for sure: Republicans like Morgan Griffith offer absolutely NOTHING to anyone but the super rich. It’s great to see strong Democrats like Anthony Flaccavento running for Congress, and I strongly encourage everyone in his district to vote for him! – promoted by lowkell)

“Trickle-down economics doesn’t work,” says candidate

ABINGDON, Va., Oct. 8, 2012 – Anthony Flaccavento, candidate for Congress from Virginia’s Ninth District, today promised to help middle-class and working-class families in southwest Virginia by creating greater economic opportunities through investments in what he called “the real job creators.” Mr. Flaccavento noted that the current Congress has done little to improve job prospects in the Ninth District.

“My opponent and other House and Senate Republicans have spent the last two years killing every job creation bill they’ve seen,” said Mr. Flaccavento. “They even voted down a proposal to help put our returning veterans back to work. That’s not right. I will stand up for vets, middle-class and working-class families. It’s time for new ideas. It’s time to elect people who will get things done in Congress to help spur economic development in southwest Virginia and all across America.”

Unemployment is higher in the Ninth District than nationwide, with some counties and independent cities suffering from a severe lack of jobs. In Martinsville, for example, the unemployment rate is 18.4 percent, according to a July report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

H. Morgan Griffith, Paul Ryan and the GOP have proposed even more tax cuts for the rich to help spur economic growth. Mr. Flaccavento pointed out that extending the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans has failed to create jobs.

“My opponent and other Republicans claim that if we just give millionaires and billionaires a little more help, all that wealth will trickle on down to the rest of us,” said Mr. Flaccavento. “We’ve been waiting for prosperity to trickle down from these tax breaks for 30 years, but instead we have more people in poverty, young people with few prospects and a middle class that’s barely holding on. My jobs plan supports the real job creators: small business owners, family farmers and entrepreneurs, and the working- and middle-class folks who buy their products.”

Mr. Flaccavento today released the highlights of his plan to help create jobs and grow strong local economies, which focuses on five key points:

1. End the competitive disadvantage small- to mid-sized businesses face. Level the playing field by ending unproductive and excessive tax subsidies for large corporations that ship American jobs overseas, instead investing in local businesses, family farms and existing industries.

2. Preserve and expand job opportunities in coalfields communities through investment in the cleanest coal technologies, new manufacturing and businesses, and regulations that protect health and safety without significantly hurting jobs.

3. Build strong local economies from the bottom up by investing in infrastructure, local businesses, and community-based assets. Expand and extend tax credits for people and companies that create jobs here at home.

4. Expand access to local capital by freeing independent community banks from undue regulations – a small local bank like Bank of Floyd should not face the same regulatory burden as a trillion-dollar behemoth like Citigroup. We must also expand microloan availability and community capital programs to help entrepreneurs and small business owners start and expand companies to create jobs.

5. Foster innovation by investing in improved education, including vocational, technical and entrepreneurship education, research and development for new and emerging technologies, and the next generation of manufacturing jobs (including clean/green technology manufacturing).

“I’ve spent most of my life fighting for middle-class and working-class folks in southwest Virginia, starting initiatives to improve our economy and finding ways to create opportunities for lower-income families,” said Mr. Flaccavento, “and that’s what I’ll continue to do as Congressman. My campaign is a natural extension of my experience working with Rick Boucher, civic leaders, farmers, miners and small business owners to create jobs in the Ninth District.”

Anthony Flaccavento is a candidate for Congress from Virginia’s Ninth District. He is a family farmer and small business owner from Abingdon, in the heart of the district. Anthony has spent the last three decades working to promote economic development and sustainable farming practices in southwest Virginia. Please visit www.afor9.com for more information.


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