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Mitt Romney’s VMI Speech: If You Liked the Bush Foreign Policy Record…


As bad as Romney would be for the middle class, and in general on domestic matters – the economy, energy, the environment, women’s rights, GLBT equality, immigration issues, etc. – he’s be an un”Mitt”igated (sorry for the pun) disaster on foreign policy. Surrounded by a bunch of chickenhawk, neoconservative advisers from the George W. Bush administration, if Romney (god forbid) ever becomes Commander in Chief, let’s just put it this way: if you liked what Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld did, then you’re going to LOVE a Romney administration on foreign policy.

The reason I bring this up now is that this morning at the Virginia Military Institute, Romney gave what he billed as a “major” foreign policy address. To read the transcript, which is filled with outright lies, distortions, and implications that it would be “bombs away” in a Romney administration, click here. Also, check out the following video, which argues (correctly) that “Time and time again Mitt Romney has failed the Commander-in-Chief test, from “calling Russia, not Al Qaeda, our number one geopolitical foe, to saying that the withdrawal from Iraq was ‘tragic,’ to not even mentioning Afghanistan in his convention speech.” Finally, I’ll be dialing in to a conference call shortly with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who will be responding to Romney’s VMI address. I’ll let you know what Secretary Albright has to say.


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